Vanilla Conversions Update

Vanilla Conversions

Yeah, I know, it’s been ages and all I have to show for myself is 5 outfits, but hey, that more than doubles the previous 4! At least I chose some pretty popular ones this time.

Added to the pack are:

-Dark Brotherhood Shrouded Robes
-Dark Brotherhood Shrouded Armor
-Jester Outfit
-Fur Armor/Bandit Armor 3 (Yeah, just 3. It was converted for Alvhilde, but obviously I’m adding it to the pack too!)
-Forsworn “Armor” (Optional addition, because I deleted those nasty looking feathers so it’s technically a remodel)

Download | Screenshots

Also, I’m stoney broke and need to pay for the server, so I am begging for donations, if anyone has a septim to spare.




  1. terry February 23, 2015 9:42 pm  Reply

    > begging for donations
    Do you know about “Skyrim Romance” mod?
    She is banned from nexusmods because she tried to collect money for creating a Skyrim mod.

    I also can’t donate money because I’m banned from paypal :P
    If this is about bandwidth, I can mirror your mod files on my web servers.

    • Halofarm February 23, 2015 10:27 pm  Reply

      Do you know the difference between asking for payment and requesting a donation unrelated to the mods I release? Read right up there next to my donations button. The part that says “donations are not payment for modding”. I would have been asking for donations whether I had mods to release or not. I also know that what the Skyrim Romance Mod was doing was trying to screw people for thousands of dollars. Not a few bucks to cover their server fees. It was incredibly unscrupulous, and immoral.

      It has nothing to do with bandwidth. It has to do with the fact I host all my own files on my own server, and wish to continue doing so. Even when I don’t get donations, I usually manage to pay for the server anyway, but it usually involves me going without food, so I ask for donations to cover it. That’s all.

      Oh right, and of course, my requesting donations has absolutely no chance of getting me banned from nexus, and I have no idea why you even think it’s vaguely relevant. The nexus provides their own donation function. It is perfectly legal for a modder, even on nexus, to accept donations, as long as they don’t solicit them on mod pages, which isn’t relevant here, because this isn’t nexus.

    • Wanako Works February 23, 2015 10:53 pm  Reply

      Your idiocy truly knows no bounds. Halo asks for donations to maintain the server. That’s it. That one girl was trying to con people for $50,000. If I were Halo, I also would not trust the hosting of my files to someone stupid enough to be banned from fucking PayPal.

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