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And so, finally, something a little special to finish out the day. To commemorate my 200 followers on tumblr, I rustled together a fully working version of this little number. It’s 2 parts mash up, 2 parts original work, 1 part too many fucking polys. By which I mean, some of the work is original, some of it is from other modders, and it’s all got far too many polys, but I wanted to release something for my 200 followers.

To give credit where credit is due, the shirt, and belly ring were made 100% by me, the boots are from Neovinci’s Christie armour from Oblivion, the panties are from anano’s panties mod, and the gloves started life as Bethesda’s arm wraps and then I brutalised them into an excessively poly counted mess.

The mod requires HDT High Heels. Don’t be afraid. HDT High Heels doesn’t bite.

Download | Screenshots | Requirement



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  1. b3ast1e August 5, 2014 9:40 pm  Reply

    Have to say, this is the first ever body mod I’ve ever been able to describe as almost totally seamless. Even better, it’s also the first body that I’ve used that has the sorts of proportions I’ve always wanted my character to have – big bum, wide hips and a petite chest.

    Great work Halo, the stuff you do always stands out from the crowd.

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