UNPCM Day 2/4 – UNPCM Stuff


I know, it’s not a very inventive mod name, but it’s literally a mod made up of random stuff.

So this is actually a small pile of random things I’ve either converted or made over the past year or so for UNPCM. I decided the pile had hit the kind of size that I wanted to release it publicly.

Major sets include:

  • Fishnet outfit
  • Christmas outfit
  • Leather set
  • There are also other bits and bobs. See the screenshots for a better idea.

    I know the Christmas outfit (actually, it’s 2 Christmas outfits) is a bit useless right now, but hopefully it’ll be some use in 6 months time.

    Download | Screenshots | Requirement

    Have fun!



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    1. Kake May 24, 2017 12:24 am  Reply

      it‘s great

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