And as a little extra bonus for UNPCM fans, particularly those who enjoyed last year’s huge dump of items for the high poly version, here’s an outfit. Mostly of my own making, with the exception of the heels, which, as always, are petrovich’s lovely sandals.

It’s totally standalone and each main piece actually contains the body due to the nature of the outfit (tight skin squishing abound) so you technically don’t need the high poly body to use it, but it is designed to work with it, so if you just want to use the gloves, or any of the other peripherals, they should work fine on the main body itself.

It’s just clothing designed for screenshooting, and you’ll be wanting to add the items with AddItemMenu. If you don’t know what that is, you can look it up on the nexus.

As a note for anyone intending to convert the outfit, you’re welcome to try, and all the assets are open permission, but I don’t recommend it. The whole thing was made completely skintight using a lot of little shader tricks, so unless you really know what you’re doing with meshes, you probably won’t have much luck. SSE ports are a-ok.

Here’s the download: Download

And a final merry Christmas to everyone!

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