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So, casually browsing the internet today, I found myself straying into a google search of Pinup Poser, out of curiosity. I don’t remember where it was, but I ran into a comment relating to the PUPEX series detailing that there were more “sexy time” poses, but “still some useful poses”. I have to say that irked me. It’s funny how those little things can get to you. One off hand comment pulls the whole thing into question.

I got to thinking about the progress of Pinup Poser since those early pre-1.0 poses, and the earlier nexus releases. As time has gone on, the Pinup Poser series has sort of mutated. At the beginning the poses were so neutral, because I didn’t really understand the Skyrim skeleton yet.


As time has gone on the poses have become more and more varied. I didn’t really consider it a bad thing. Thw aforementioned “sexytime” poses came in simply as a result of reaching for new source material. I’ve always striven to keep my poses within a certain level of perversity, so as not to go too far to take the “art” out of “artistic nude”, as many people use them for that sort of thing, myself included.

Thinking about this, I started asking myself, can I actually consider taking pictures in Skyrim as “art”? I felt pretty damned silly when I realised that was how I was looking at it.

Talk about an attack of srsfaec. Letting random comments get to me and suddenly I’m wondering if my poses are artistic.


But hey, let’s face it, I’m never gonna get a fancy photographers studio, so there’s no reason I can’t get a little artsy once in a while!

A lot of the EX3 has been inspired by artistic nudes, pinups, artist’s drawings, so it’s much more geared toward that kind of shooting.

I hope you’re all enjoying the incremental updates, rather than having to wait and be teased for a month, and my apologies if you can do without the insights into my processes.

Once again, this WILL NOT WORK without the main package installed, and unless you’re just updating from yesterday’s alpha, don’t forget to run FNIS before use.

Lastly, PUPEX3 is now up to number 225. DPoser is only up to pose 7. Don’t start leaving comments about missing poses.

Enjoy your alpha!




  1. Kolkpen April 1, 2013 7:11 am  Reply

    >can I actually consider taking pictures in Skyrim as “art”?

    Video games are somewhat considered a form of art so I guess it could branch off to screenshots of video games.

  2. FiftyFourSeven April 2, 2013 4:26 pm  Reply

    Indeed, taking screenshots has become an art form, as much as photography. I must’ve mentioned this before but they call it machinimatography.

    Although I could never own an SLR camera or travel far to, say, Norway, but me having updated Skyrim from vanilla to some 150+ mods loaded, I go to places where my imagination can allow, and let my character have some fun posing.

  3. Ibanez April 10, 2013 9:25 pm  Reply

    Are these poses different version of pin up poser? as for me you made skyrim is an art, really made my day, I like it a lot, btw..I can’t open the download link for some reason ( 404 error ).

  4. Halofarm April 10, 2013 10:47 pm  Reply

    That’s because the file is now part of the Skyrim Pose Collection 1.1

    No. These poses are the same version as in the final release.

  5. Ibanez April 11, 2013 5:53 am  Reply

    Oh ok then, thank you very much for your reply, I really appreciate it ;)

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