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High Poly Hands and Feet 4.0

Merry Christmas! It’s that day of the year again! Presents!

So, another version of this. I’ve had this one sitting around a little while, but I’ve been umming and ahing over whether or not to release it. I’ve improved the weighting on the hands quite significantly (around the fingers), and I’ve also dumped the flat excessively high poly toenails in exchange for some much nicers, slightly 3D ones, which also use the full UNP toenail UV map, so no more need for any special snowflake resources to make your toenails work right!

Download | Screenshots

Halo's Overlays

So I have 3 tumblr blogs (actually I have 4, but that’s another story). Each of them has their own theme, but since I don’t have any gifts I can hand out on 2 out of 3, I’m just gonna drop 3 different mods in aid of all of them.

The first gift is for 250 followers on my root Halofarm account.

This one’s a modder’s resource. It’s a pile of different unique normal map details that I’ve sculpted over the past couple of years, INCLUDING A SMNOOTH ARMPITS FIX TO (mostly) GET RID OF THE UGLY SHADOWS ON ARMPITS.

Other than the armpits fix, there’s a lot of different details, including number of different types of abdomen detail, randing from squishy belly to ROCK HARD ABS.


It’s also UNP only, because UNP is all I support.



High Poly Hands and Feet 3.0

Version 3? Yes. Version 3. I know I keep on releasing updates for these things and it’s awkward, but I keep noticing ways to improve them (the feet, that is). Like I noticed the messed up UV map on the seam, so I fixed that (mostly) and then I noticed the COMPLETE LACK OF ANKLES, so I fixed that too.

Also, I added 7BO support, so there’s that. Kicked the XPMSE versions because they were confusing people and honestly I’ve never seen anyone use the toe bones. All it did was make the weighting more awkward.

Download | Screenshots

High Poly Hands and Feet

I made these weeks ago, and I’ve been testing and tweaking them ever since. Basically, I was tired of my hands and feet always bending in weird ways, and I was also tired of them always being so damned pointy, so I decided to fix both of thoe things in one go. As the title implies, they’re high poly, so if your machine is particularly low end, I don’t recommended installing them. They mostly for people who are into cosmetics improvements, or screenshooting with characters.

These work exceptionally well for poses.

One little note. The toenails look a bit weird in some lights. You can fix this by flattening the normal maps on your _msn file. I didn’t want to force people into using special resources for my toenails, so I simply mapped them to the regular UNP positions. That’s why they take on a slightly odd look.

Download | Screenshots

Edit: Just for those of you who know how to put them to use, I baked some normals and speculars that will make your toenails look all nice and flat, and also glossy: Download