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Eiries Ohmes-Raht Race

So there’s been a number of requests over time for Eiries’ Ohmes-Raht textures to get their own actual race mod. Today I decided to oblige that request.

The race is FEMALE ONLY, because the textures were female only. It has a few bits and bobs tossed in, because I didn’t just want to throw them on a body. Amongst the features are fully morphing ears and some partial conversions of the khajiit face tints and stripes (partially meaning only the parts that cover the fur). I also included my not butt plug Khajiit tail.

The download also contains a few optional files for different UNP body types. The default is regular UNP, also included at BBP and non BBP versions of original UNPB and UNPB redux (that’s xp32’s version) as well as UNPCM. I’ve also included the relevant skeletons for the BBP versions of the bodies.

Download | Screenshots

Hope you guys enjoy your cat girls!