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Third Party Mods

Okay. Here it is. The next update to the pose collection. As you can probably see, I’ve decided to change the name. Fact of the matter is, people seem to have a hard time wrapping their head around it being called “Skyrim Pose Collection”, so instead, I’ve changed it back to Pinup Poser, except now it’s Pinup Poser S. The S stands for “series”.

BIG AND IMPORTANT THING is that when you’re installing this one, delete the old “Skyrim Pose Collection.esp” and obviously remember to kill that “PinupsEX4.esp” as well. That’s now included in the new version.

Let me make a reminder here, too. I can ASSURE YOU that all of the poses in the EX4 set are 100% possible for the human body. Some of them may seem a little crazy, but they’re all almost identical to their source images, so yes, that leg? You know the one I’m talking about, yes it CAN do that.


Welp, another day, another poser, and not the one you were expecting! No. I still haven’t finished SNSD Poser. I should get on it, I know, but damn it, when you’re not in the mood, you’re not in the mood. So anyway, I’ve been working on the EX4 module. It’s not finished yet, but I thought I’d give you guys a preview.

I’d just like to note, remembering some comments I had before, that all of the poses in this module are based on real human beings. Artistic nudes and model shots. They are all 100% physically possible with the human body. Some of the curves might not be “natural”, but poses aren’t always natural. That’s the point of posing. The human body can make all of these shapes. Remember that before you start thinking their backs look broken or a pose doesn’t seem physically possible.

Here’s the download: http://mod.dysintropi.me/mods/Skyrim/PinupsEX4.7z

Enjoy it!