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My blog is turning into a custom followers blog, isn’t it?

Today it’s BRAVE MUSTAINE’s (see that emphasis, it’s because she’s not my character, or my mod. She belongs to Brave. That’s what these third party menus/posts mean) character, Safinia Fortuna.

She’s a shortass noble girl, self taught in the arts of using a fuckhuge shield and a sword to kill things. Also she tames bears, though apparently the follower can’t do that. Something about fuck scripting.

She can be found in Understone Keep, outside the throne room, and she’s ready for ass kicking.

Download | Screenshots

Incidentally, Brave’s Ermalda and Wezaleff both got updates the other day as well, so if you use them, hop on over to the Brave Mustaine page and download the new versions.




More followers? Right? Yes, more followers. They’re crawling out of the bloody woodwork, and I only have myself to blame!

Today we have Brave Mustaine’s Wezaleff! No-one’s quite sure whether she’s a black mage, or a void, or something else entirely, but personally, I think she looks like a black mage. One thing that is certain is that coffin on her back has her oldest friend in it. I… really didn’t want ask what state her friend is in.

Wez is about knee high (okay, chest height) and a pure mage. She’s a pretty powerful little munchkin, so be careful she doesn’t set you on fire by accident. In the event that she does, she carries a small few potions as an apology.

She’s been loaded with a bunch of different spells which she should use varying strengths of at different levels, but in the interest of not being ridiculously OP, her max level spells are actually gimped versions of the real ones. Don’t tell her that though…

Download | Screenshots

Enjoy your little mage!