Pains of Progress


So, I guess that the road to improvement is always a rocky one. I’ve been messing around with ECE 0.9 today. Of course, installing that means that my existing characters get effectively wiped out of existence.

ECE 0.9 is absolutely astonishing in the massive new level it brings to character creation. More sliders than ever you have seen before. More sliders than Oblivion had. Those sliders do a great job of giving you a whole new world of facial diversity. Unfortunately, it decided not to play nicely with any of my custom races.

Cassie here utilises the YgNord race, which comes with the mod. Your vanilla races will also work. However, don’t expect to have an easy time trying to get your other custom races to work with it. I still haven’t. You may also encounter some pretty mean resistance to becoming a vampire, namely, you’ll turn into a mess of broken sliders.

Hopefully, fixes for these things will appear in later versions. For now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go play with my kitty.



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