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Okay, so remember that body mod I released a few days ago? I mentioned that I’d had it sitting around forever. I realised today why I hadn’t released it originally. Due to my bad memory, I’d forgotten that it had to horrible bugs to its name. One being some very nasty mesh deforms on the _0 mesh, where I’d tried to smooth it out using automated commands instead of manually (because lazy) and the other being the fact that the UV map had been really abused because of how different of a shape the breasts are comparing to any other UNP based mods. A lot of stretching in the upper breast area.

Well… when I realised this fact this morning, I shoved my other plans aside so that I could fix it and get you a fixed mesh as quickly as possible, and that’s what this post is.


Except that’s not all. I’ve applied the fix to the relevant meshes on the UNPCM page, so if you previous downloaded the UNPCM Mix, or Light Elven Armor, mosey on over to the UNPCM page and redownload them.

On top of that, I’ve also updated Black Wisteria for UNPC to the 2.6 body, and converted it to UNPCM as well. The fixed UV mapping and the UNPCM version of Black Wisteria are both pictured in the image. The abyssal dremora textures warp somewhat on most UNP body types, so they’re your example of how I have (I hope) improved the UV mapping.


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