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Halo's Poser 4.15

Shh. Nobody mention the lame title. I was listening to that song making this post…

Halo’s Poser 4.15

Not that big of an update overall. Added and completed Halo’s Poser 6 module. That’s it. 81 more poses. Some of them are explicit. The kind of stuff you’d find in HPEXT. The idea separating lewd poses out into their own special poser again seemed tiresome, so I’m just including them in the main poser now. They’re all marked (explicit), so those of you who want to avoid that sort of thing won’t have any trouble working around them.

On another note, it’s coming up to server time again, and I’d be really grateful to anyone who could help out this time. Remember, the server isn’t that expensive, so I’m not asking you to donate to me in the hundreds. Just any help you can give. :)

As always, the download is up in the menu bar, or right here, if you don’t speak English, and these long rambling posts without handy download links just seem weird and confusing: Download

Enjoy your posing!




    • Halofarm November 20, 2014 9:27 pm  Reply

      Sorry. I don’t take requests. If I do it for one person, I’d have to do it for everyone, and it would be endless.

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