My first serious mod for Oblivion. A weapons set, not particularly detailed, but diverse.

Download | Screenshots

Hanasaku Touken

A fairly comprehensive weapons set styled after feudal era Japanese designs.

Download | Screenshots

Halo’s Blades

Left over designs and idea from the Hanasaku Touken mod.

Download | Screenshots


A fetish outfit, inolving latex and chains.

Download | Screenshots

Poses Compilation

A compilation of all the various pose mods I’ve made for Oblivion. Included are 5 different .esp files with 64 poses each.

Download | Screenshots

The Dark Nephilim

The second version of my first Oblivion race mod. The earlier version was simply “The Nephelim” and wasn’t very good. Unfortunately, this is the only race mod I still have, as my Norther Suthay were lost from my own hard drive and the nexus broke the 2 part file.

A warning, in its base form, this file is a 500mb download, and uncompressed makes up 1.85gb of a hard drive.

The links below contain various parts and versions of the mod. Read and think carefully before downloading and installing. The files were lifted directly from my nexus upload and not recompressed or reorganised in any way.

Base File – Required.
Update – Required.
CM Partners Edition – Install after update, incompatible with any other versions of the mod but main, update and compressed.
Compressed Textures – For main version. Will save 300mb of space, but looks worse.

Robert’s Female Version – Textures for the Robert’s Female body type.
Compressed Robert’s Female Version – Compressed textures for the Robert’s female version.

UFF Version – Textures for the Fantasy Figures female body type.
Compressed UFF Version – Compressed textures for the Fantasy Figures female version.

Alternate Aurus Face Texture – An alternate texture for the Aurus, also contains a .psd file for editing.
Aurus Eyebrow Pack – A resource file for custom coloured eyebrows on the Aurus.
Sanctus and Invictus Eyebrow Pack – A resource file for custom coloured eyebrows on the Sanctus and Invictus.



  1. Raniya April 6, 2016 7:38 am 

    Just to let you know, I found your Northern Suthay race on a Russian website. I haven’t used the actual file in game, but all the textures load up in Photoshop just fine, so it seems to be intact.

  2. Halofarm April 20, 2016 12:14 am 

    That would all be fine and good if I hadn’t just pulled the word out of my ass and built a race around it based on whatever biblical and mythical references came up first on a google search. It’s not meant to be religiously relevant in any way.

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