Fallout 3

Point Radio

One of my very first mods, only preceded by a retexture and a CM Partner for Oblivion. There may be some issues with this one. The music is good, the voice work is… not terrible, but the scripts are from a time before I knew what I was doing. It works fine for me, but I’ve had report from others of it being an issue.

There are 2 versions. The main version was designed for Point Lookout and obviously requires that DLC. The second version is the Wasteland Edition and only requires the original game. Install the main file before installing the WE, if you intend to use the WE.

Point Radio | Wasteland Edition | Related Images


Pinups Poses 2

A collection of poses for Fallout, in my usual style. All you need to know is in the readme.

Don’t be alarmed by the name, this mod contains the original Pinup Poses mod.

Download | Screenshots