Bonapart 1.2

A follower of your favourite /tesg/ flaming skeleton, Bonapart.

Friendly, fun, flammable. He’s the perfect addition to any ensemble of followers.

Bonapart the lord of the dance. Countless eons ago a necromancer revived him for one purpose and one purpose only. To show Tamriel how to dance.

Update: Two versions of Bonapart one to summon him and the other a regular follower. He is also classified as undead now. Both followers are
tagged as undead and have immunity to poison, waterbreathing and 50% resist to frost much like the other undead in the game in terms of balance and what have you.
He can also now dual wield if you choose to do so.
The new summonable version spell can be found where the Bonapart follower resides in the bard’s college (First floor in one of the rooms)

Bonapart Classic.esp for follower and Bonapart Summon.esp for the summon spell

And no, this guy doesn’t break any copyright laws. He’s a flaming skull. You can’t fucking copyright a flaming skull. Get the fuck out of my yard, legal beagle.
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Emily 2.6

A follower of your favourute /tesg/ wooden lady, Emily.

The wooden lady who’s captured the hearts of many men /tesg/ over. She’s sassy, she’s sweet, she sweeps!

Wooden Doll that loves tea.
She was created to be the assistant of a well known mage at the college of winterhold to serve him tea. After his death she started wandering from town to town in Skyrim serving tea and helping others.
She will travel by your side.

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Virani 1.4

A confused Altmer girl, Virani.

The sometimes Thalmor, always tan, and rarely aware High Elf!

She will level with you and hopefully use a mixture of spells and weapons.

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Kaassi 3.1

A kawaii sabre toothed Khajiit, Kaassi.

The cutest of the vanilla furries, here to help you beat things up.

Requires Coverkhajiit to look anywhere near cute.

Download | Screenshots


  1. curry February 5, 2015 10:41 am 

    Please add “| Requirements” link to emily.
    > Emily Requires Osare Maid

    I’ll use my CK to remove dependencies (to work without any other ESPs) anyway…

    • Halofarm February 5, 2015 11:09 am 

      But she doesn’t, so no I won’t. If it says that in her readme, her readme is probably outdated. She has no dependencies. Her outfit is built in.

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