Halo’s Poser S has come and Pinup Poser is discontinued

Halo's Poser S 1.0

That title is scary right? Like, WHAT IS HAPPENING. Well, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that the pinups poses are gone.

This update has NO NEW POSES though.

I realised yesterday evening that I’d released over 2000 poses for Skyrim now, and that Halo’s Poser officially had more poses than the original Pinup Poser, so I decided it was time for a little update and overhaul.

I’m pulling a bit of a Gabe here, and releasing something a bit experimental that I have no idea if anyone wants or needs, just because I think in my infinite wisdom it might be an improvement, but actually it’s going to break a lot of stuff. I am aware that this will break some of the poser related utilities out there, but none of the developers of those utlities have ever sent me so much as a how-do-you-do, so I have no means by which to ensure their stuff can keep up to date. I apologise for that, but the big deal here is that I wanted to clean up the mess of folders and behavior files, which no doubt by merely being split up like that contribute to the CTD on load a lot of folks have to deal with.

So what did I actually do? Here’s the important information:

  • Merged Halo’s Poser and Pinup Poser into a single Halo’s Poser.esp
  • Merged all Pinup Poser behaviors into a single PinupPoser behavior file, and all Pinup Poser animations into a single PinupPoser animations folder.
  • Merged all Halo’s Poser behaviors into a single HalosPoser behavior file, and all Halo’s Poser animations into a single HalosPoser animations folder.
  • Named all Pinups objects in-game to reflect which poser they originally came from.
  • Maybe eventually I’ll figure out how to put all this stuff into a single menu in-game as well, but don’t hold your breath. I’m sure other mods (like showposemenu or that kooky MCM version of the mod) will soon update to support the new setup anyway.

    I have tested all the different modules and they’re all working exactly as they should be.

    The SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING ABOUT THIS CHANGE is that you MUST UNINSTALL THE OLD VERSIONS OF BOTH POSERS. If you didn’t install them with a mod manager, there’s a list of folders and files you need to remove in the readme, at the bottom. It looks worse than it is.

    I’ve given Public Poser the same treatment, so anyone making use of it might want to look closely at how to place their files from now on.

    Dragonporn, if you could maybe help out the Japanese users with how to get this new version installed, that would be great. :D

    Here’s the Halo’s Poser download: Download
    And the new version of Public Poser, as well:

    Hope you enjoy the fixes! And again, sorry to those of you who have to completely overhaul your mod to make it work right.


    EDIT: Would help if the link was to the new file. Link fixed. You’ll want to redownload if you hadn’t already.


    1. paul April 27, 2015 1:08 pm  Reply

      hi halo

      im not too sure if this is a good thing or not to be honest. wont the poses not show up in racemenu anymore? also if all the poses are changed around in different folders etc does this mean I need to go through every pose again to write down the ones I like/use most?

      • Halofarm April 27, 2015 1:31 pm  Reply

        It is a good thing for everyone who uses MY mod.

        As I said in the post, I have no means of keeping in contact with all these people who make mods based on my posers because they never bother to contact me. If they did, I would be able to keep them up to date with my plans and things would be updated relatively well in time.

        I can’t really take responsibility for the mods I didn’t make. It’s their responsibility to keep their own mods up to date with mine. It’s obvious I update and alter my mods regularly, so anyone basing their mods on mine ought to know the caveats going in.

        As for folders, I’m not really sure what you mean. You were going through the game folders to write down file names? Or do you just mean the poses in-game? Either way, the actual file names are all the same, and the in-game menus (mine, at least) are also all the same.

        • paul April 28, 2015 1:03 pm  Reply

          I meant that before I found out racemenu had the new option of showing the poses a lot of people used to write down what there fav poses were from each set – IE Halo Poses 7 – 34 as an example.

          What I mean is that in-game will the folders still show as this? or have they all been renamed/removed to different sections.

          Also now you have changed everything about do the poses still show in racemenu? or was it like when you last updated and for some reason halo pose 8 onwards didn’t show up………..even tho were was available room shown in the slider in racemenu to show the other poses

          • Halofarm April 28, 2015 1:55 pm  Reply

            The plugin only shows poses that were created already at the time the plugin was made. When groovtama updates the plugin, the new poses get added. That’s why they wouldn’t show up.

            My changing everything shouldn’t have broken much since the new setup keeps the same animation event names.

            Groovtama will have a new version of it out to support the new poses soon enough though.

    2. Creative Ziggy April 29, 2015 9:02 am  Reply

      Thanks for the excellent posers Halo I really appreciate all the work that you do ;)
      And just to be clear on something, should i install the last version of your poser and then overwrite it with this one?

      • Halofarm April 29, 2015 9:39 am  Reply

        No. Uninstall any previous versions of pinup poser or halo’s poser. Install only this.

    3. -_-a April 30, 2015 12:50 am  Reply

      There is no plan Public Poser support object poses? I want add Oden poses by Public poser or make self mod. That is attached Fnis Spell mod so hard to use. Should you help it? :)

      • Halofarm April 30, 2015 1:00 am  Reply

        Maybe, in the future, but not soon.

    4. Undivide May 1, 2015 8:24 am  Reply

      G’day, Halo. I was wondering if you could direct me to some pose creation tutorials.

      I don’t want to sound like some giddy fangirl, but your work has inspired me to go outside of my usual comfort zone of cell creation and scripting to pose creation and maybe model creation.

      I have 3DS max, but some tools seem to be more directed towards Blender, and i just wanted a little guidance on the matter. I’m currently looking at FNIS’ documentation and that seems easy enough, but as for actual pose setup and creation in 3ds/Blender, well, I’m falling a little short of finding documentation for it.

      Anyway, cheers, and thank you for your time.

      • Halofarm May 1, 2015 10:15 am  Reply

        Unfortunately all I can tell you is that I don’t have any. The way I learnt was with Fallout pose tutorials (up on nexus) and then figuring out how to convert the poses with hkxcmd, which is basically all you need.

        Oh, and you need to know how to get a mesh into blender, along with armature.

        There’s a lot of newer and more viable methods for making poses. I just use the same one I’ve been using for years, so you might not even be asking the best person for an opinion, even if the evidence would suggest otherwise.

    5. zaselim May 3, 2015 7:52 am  Reply

      hi halo,
      i have a question, how can i make the obj poses to work properly on my custom body mod. the thong,towels etc aren’t showing properly on the body because of the bigger size my custom body has.
      i imported the nif files in 3ds max but i’ll also have to import the hkx animation to fix my problem. but after hkx to kf when i import the animation in 3ds max it says improper/invaled/unsupported ?
      Can u plz tell me how can i fix that, i’ll be really gratefull. Thanks.

      • Halofarm May 3, 2015 9:46 am  Reply

        I actually can’t help, since I don’t use max. I wish I could give you advice but I have no idea how animations work in max. I have heard that max doesn’t correctly support the re-importing of poses and animations though, so you might be stuck on this one I’m afraid.

        • zaselim May 3, 2015 4:57 pm  Reply

          i’m also getting issue on fnis, it was working fine before installing this combined version, no fnis stuck in the middle and says too many animation..

          • Halofarm May 3, 2015 5:11 pm  Reply

            Works fine for me. Haven’t had any other complaints. Maybe update your FNIS? Did you make sure to uninstall the old files first? I dunno if there’s an actual overall animations limit, but it would change from 2000 animations to 4000 if you forgot.

          • zaselim May 3, 2015 5:20 pm  Reply

            never mind, forgot to del the old animations..

    6. Zchu May 15, 2015 9:16 pm  Reply

      I’m confused. The title says Pinup Poser is discontinued… yet you then explain there is Halo and Pinup poser esp’s?

      Then there is a link for Halo poser and Pinup Poser at the bottom.

      I am curious, will this make mods that mooch off your esps obsolete? Such as Kinoko Pose and Pretty Motion.

      as with all things that overhaul, it will be a bit bumpy at first, but once everyone catches up )I am looking at you Racemenu) it will be better in the end I think!

      Thank you for your continued work on all your lovely mods! <3

      • Halofarm May 15, 2015 9:30 pm  Reply

        There is no link for Pinup Poser anywhere. I also did not say that there is a Pinup Poser esp. I said that the old Pinups modules are now in the Halo’s Poser esp.

        Kinoko and Pretty Motion both use their own esps and scripts, as far as I know, so I doubt that very much.

        Racemenu has nothing to do with poses, that’s the XPMSE plugin FOR racemenu, which groovtama updated 2 days after I made this post.

        • Zchu May 16, 2015 12:01 am  Reply

          “Here’s the Halo’s Poser download: Download
          And the new version of Public Poser, as well:

          I read “Public Poser” as “Pinup poser” LOL! Oh I should not post on the internet when I’m hungry lol

          Ohhhhh! Well I had no idea, I shall go update XPMSE then.

          Sorry for being so blonde (even though I’m a brunette xP)

    7. bigboss2013 May 16, 2015 7:35 pm  Reply

      Too bad sesamin doesn’t update showPoseMenu since 2015/04/04 :(

      • Halofarm May 16, 2015 7:37 pm  Reply

        Too bad indeed.

        • bigboss2013 September 14, 2015 1:06 pm  Reply

          I got tired of waiting, so i downloaded the latest showPoseMenu (for halo 5.03, 2015/04/04), decompiled the scripts, studied the code (the longuest part), and updated it to support Halo’s Poser S. I tried to contact sesamin through nexus, his twitter and tumblr, but its been impossible. He just vanished. I don’t know if I should post the update somewhere or just use it myself :S

          • Halofarm September 14, 2015 2:19 pm  Reply

            I’d recommend just enjoying the fruits of your labours until such a time as you hear anything. I don’t know sesamin, but I do know how angry some people get if you’ve released things using their work without their permission. Better to assume no answer = no permission.

    8. Erica June 7, 2015 1:54 pm  Reply

      Hey, I moved the DATA folder in Halo’s Poser S into my Skyrim folder, made sure the .esp was active, ran LOOT and then FNIS for users and then consistency check and it comes up with loads of missing animfile errors. I have never installed a poser mod before. I have the latest skeleton (racemenu plugin) and FNIS version with beast.

      Is this consistency problem normal or is something wrong?

      • Halofarm June 7, 2015 3:58 pm  Reply

        It’s normal. It’s because those anims aren’t there. Blank pose slots that haven’t been filled yet.

    9. Gildren August 3, 2015 1:06 am  Reply

      I’m I following this correctly? The most recent version is called “Halo’sPoser S 1″ and was released on April 27 of 2015?

      And the name of the download archive (7zip) is just “Halo’sPoser” with no “S 1″ indication or version number?

      Sorry I’m just a bit confused with the names not matching up.

      If the lack of version number is intended, that’s cool, your mod, your choice.

      • Halofarm August 3, 2015 9:44 am  Reply

        No version number on the archive. The archive will always be Halo’sPoser because then there won’t be broken links left all over the internet every time I update.

    10. paul August 20, 2015 1:11 pm  Reply

      Hi halo

      I only just realised this but you do know HALO STANDING POSE is missing from the options right? there doesn’t appear to be any ring for that option yet it is still there when you go into racemenu and go to poses. I triple checked to see if the ring was just missing coz I didn’t add it – but yeah it is missing from the rin selection but is still there in racemenu.

      • Halofarm August 20, 2015 5:15 pm  Reply

        It’s not missing. I have all of them in my inventory. They’re also all in the esp as they should be. Spells and rings. Might be the script just didn’t add them for you. Might also be that you haven’t realised all the old Pinup Poser poses are marked “Pinup” before their original names.

    11. paul August 21, 2015 12:09 am  Reply

      well I formatted my pc so its basically a fresh start. I have 90 mods at the mo and all the other poses show up as rings. I have halo poses 1-10 (or is it 11) halo ex poses, other poses, sdhm (the one with all the K-pop dance poses) the sexual poses and afew others but the halo standing pose appears to be missing unless I use racemenu to use them. I tried using console command and everything else came up aside from that one

    12. humannature66 August 21, 2015 7:09 am  Reply

      I can confirm that it works as intended. All poses.
      Is your FNIS updated?

      • paul August 21, 2015 11:37 pm  Reply

        yeah its the latest fnis. I had to format so everything is the latest version. all the other poses aside from that one are there and it only seems to show if I’m in racemenu.

        can I FORCE the ring via console command? I did try halo/pose and afew other names but I couldn’t find THAT one I needed

        • Halofarm August 21, 2015 11:43 pm  Reply

          I told you already, those are named pinup. If you just type help pinup you’ll get all the pinup options.

    13. humannature66 August 22, 2015 5:27 pm  Reply

      “Public Poser” is extremely usefull.
      Once more, BIG Thank you for your works!
      Btw., the voices in “Nightmare”, is that you? ;)
      Oh, and the abandoned school is really creepy, congrats to that :D
      .. the whole time, walking thru it, i expected any horrific ‘Silent Hill’-creature or something :D

      • Halofarm August 22, 2015 5:54 pm  Reply

        Yes. I did all the voices in the nightmare.

    14. Thezze September 7, 2015 6:11 pm  Reply

      What do you think about a MCM feature?

      + Better Overview about active Poses, selected?
      You will still have
      ~ 10 Self-Player Spells
      ~ 10 Other-Player Spells
      ~ 20 MCM Enteries wich shou you the active Spell ( and allow you to change these)

      • Halofarm September 7, 2015 7:35 pm  Reply

        Honestly, I’d prefer to focus time on making more poses, not putting them into packages with pretty bows. If other folks want to figure out stuff like that (I think someone already has) then they are welcome to, but me talking about compacting them into menus is a pipe dream. Whenever I think about spending time on the mod, I’m thinking about making more poses.

        I would be more than happy to work with someone to implement features like those, though.

    15. slifeleaf October 25, 2015 4:09 pm  Reply

      Haven’t updated for a while.. that’s really TON of poses, no matter that this release doesn’t add new ones
      This made me think about some SKSE plugin which would pull pose-related forms from your ESP’s, so no hardcoded Papyrus data needed anymore.

      • slifeleaf October 25, 2015 4:15 pm  Reply

        Really huge amount of poses to remember or pick one easily. I haven’t tried pose mods you mentioned yet, not sure if they implement features like mark some pose as favorite or share fav. poses across other play troughs

        • Halofarm October 25, 2015 5:10 pm  Reply

          I feel like someone came up with something which allows pose favouriting, but I’m not sure.

          • slifeleaf October 25, 2015 8:08 pm  Reply

            There is still some fun when reinventing wheels^^
            I managed to write simple plugin which pulls all IDLEs from Halo’s Poser.esp and pressing right keyboard arrow had to play the poses, one by one, BUT SKSE’s DataHandler’s IDLE array is empty :\

          • slifeleaf October 29, 2015 3:06 pm  Reply

            I decided to post it here, though it seems like most of people already happy with pose-picking as it is.
            Link to WIP version on my pose-picker https://flic.kr/p/A3qtsy

    16. randomnessincarnate November 10, 2015 2:45 pm  Reply

      i keep having problems with the skeleton every time i use some of the poses i look contorted like my breasts get spiky or other problems do you know what to do

      • Halofarm November 10, 2015 4:08 pm  Reply

        Never heard of anyone having any issues like that. Maybe you’re using a specific skeleton type that the poses don’t like. That’s the only thing I can think of.

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