Dawnwood Shallows

Dawnwood Shallows

So, recently I was looking for a specific type of location, and honestly, I don’t even remember what type of location that was now, it was like a week ago, cut me some slack, but it ended up turning into this pet project.

So Dawnwood Shallows is a player home. It’s not a super advanced player home with 1000 special features, item sorting, display rooms for your arsenal of pointless shit you’ll never use and trophy rooms that just take up space. Reason being, I don’t go in for all that stuff. My personal opinion is that save for a small few very cool looking weapons and armours, if I’m not carrying it on my person, it’s better off sold for profit. I am not a hoarder, and so this is not a hoarder’s base of operation.

What I am is a screenshooter. I like taking pretty pictures, and I like my player homes to focus more on looking interesting or pretty. That’s what I’ve tried to create here. An aesthetically pleasing player home.

It’s somewhat grandiose, because the larger portion of it is built from the Dwemer tileset, which, point of fact, doesn’t DO small. It has medium, large, and fucking gigantic, much like all things Dwemer.

So, basic shit you can expect from this house?

Basic amenties: Of course I wouldn’t give you a completely useless house mod, so naturally it comes with a fully equipped forge, an alchemy table, an enchanting table, and even a cooking pot.
A modest display set: 6 weapon plaques in the living quarters, and 2 mannequins. No full on trophy rooms, but a little room for decoration, at least.
A few select aedric shrines. Just whatever ones I felt like tossing in there, really.

The rest is all about the pretty, and you can check out the screenshots for examples. I have also tried to keep it as plausible as possible.

Here’s a little back story on the location, just to make you lore-mongers feel better:

Dawnwood Shallows began life as a Dwemer settlement, but through many years of neglect and eventual disrepair, the larger portion of the city has utterly collapsed and is no longer inhabitable. However, an enterprising individual discovered that through the collapse of the city, a small cave system had been created and a small area was still structurally sound and inhabitable. This individual decided to make it his home. He has since passed away, and the home lies vacant, for some lucky Dragonborn to conveniently discover and take possession of.

There, feel better now?

So a few things that are of note.

First of all, the mod was created using SFO Summer Edition, so if you don’t have that, it’s not gonna look like it does in the screenshots. However, I have actively tested it with the standard SFO package (which I imagine is similar to vanilla in colour scheme) and it is still beautiful, it just has a much more autumnal feel to it, with all those autumn aspen floating around and slightly less saturated grass.

Second of all, the entire mod is follower friendly. I have painstakingly navmeshed it, and I don’t mean auto-generated and called it done. I’ve spent many hours generating and fixing the navmeshing in the exterior area, and have thoroughly tested it with followers, as have a few friends, and we can all attest that it works perfectly.

Lastly, the interior has been optimised as best it can be, that means you shouldn’t have any mysteriously winking out lights or lights arguing for control of an area. Even the one mentioned in the readme doesn’t happen any more, I fixed it. Everything is roomed off and portaled for best performance and to prevent lights and effects causing problems with other lights and effects.

Finally, after all my rambling, here is a link to the download, and a series of screenshots to make you think it’s wonderful when it’s actually not particularly impressive at all!

Download | Screenshots

Enjoy your new home!


  1. zaselimZaselim January 16, 2014 4:03 am  Reply

    What is “coc” console code for the location or where it is located?

  2. Queenieangel January 27, 2014 1:26 pm  Reply

    I thank you for this gorgeous Home!
    I love it!! :)

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