Conjure Mr. Cheesy

Conjure Mr. Cheesy

Have you ever wanted your very own cheese atronach? Yeah, I didn’t either, to be honest, but it seemed to me to be something kitty Sheogorath would probably use, so I made Mr. Cheesy for Alicia, and now here he is for you all to use.

He took me 20 minutes, and he’s so lazy I didn’t even remove the storm atronach lightning effects. It’s just a silly quick mod. That’s all. You’ll find his spell book on your bed, Hall of Attainement, Mages College, Winterhold.


Also, just a quick note to say I updated the Eiries’ race mods, Ohmes-Raht and Abyssal Dremora, to use the updated, much less broken version of Race Compatibility. Thanks to Taiolu for letting me know of its existence. I also added mounted combat support, while I was at it. No links here, just grab them from the existing links on the Eiries and HoneyVanity download page. If you’re updating, it should be safe to just drop the new files in. That’s what I did, and everything seems to work right.

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