Chellenile Caria

Chelly Follower

So today I’m adding a new follower to my ranks. She’s my character Chelly. I made her into a follower as a testbed for turning ECE characters into followers, and now she’s done and working, I decided to upload her and make her available for you to download.

She’s pretty straightforward and nothing overly special. Even the character herself is pretty generic (though still one of my favourites).

Chelly Follower

On top of Chelly, I also am please to announce that I’m now hosting even more of Bonapart’s followers.

His Khajiit, Kaassi: Download | Screenshots

And his Altmer, Virani: Download | Screenshots

Have fun with them.



  1. Chaos December 31, 2015 1:16 am  Reply

    I love how Kaassi has sabers! Don’t see that often, and wondering if that could be turned into a mod for other beast types. I’m planning to have her follow my oc who is a Saber wolf. XD

    • Halofarm December 31, 2015 10:24 am  Reply

      Kaassi isn’t my character. I don’t know where the teeth mod cam from, so I couldn’t tell you if you can use it for your own chars.

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