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I will never ask money for my mods, and they will never be hosted on steam workshop.

I will continue to request donations when I need them, as I have been doing, to cover my server costs, so that anyone who feels it’s worthwhile to help, and that has the money to do so, can give me a hand. Even if not enough people, or no one donates, the server will always still be paid for.

My mods are free. Mods should be free. Asking people for money for mods goes completely against the whole grain of the sharing ideal of modding communities, and I think it’s an awful thing to do. I think what Bethesda and Valve have decided to do is pretty shameful, and I just hope they see the error of their ways when they see what an insane mess it’s going to cause.

Also wanted to mention, my “free to use or reupload” policy does not include for profit. If you’re making a for-profit mod, you may not use anything from my mods. If you’re reuploading my mods, you may not charge money for them.

Thanks for all your support over the years, everyone.


I know I keep mentioning the followers, but to give something a little more concrete, I am going to be extremely busy for the next couple of weeks. However, my easter recess begins March 19th, so from then on, I’ll have around 2 weeks, in which I intend to release at least 1 follower a day, until I run out of followers to update/make.

Also, thanks to everyone who donated. It was an incredibly successful request, and the server is now paid for up until the 1st of June. You guys are awesome. Incidentally, I only get real names when I receive donations, so if anyone wishes to be mentioned, please let me know with the username you wish to be thanked by. I don’t want to just throw up people’s real names all over my blog.



I deleted all comments on all site pages (not posts) because some of them were just getting really long. Please don’t be offended if a comment went missing. I made sure to keep the most recent ones. It was just getting out of hand trying to load some of the pages.

Wow. I hit my goal so fast!

Thank you so much to donators, TairenSoul, Chilliblitz, Wanako (I think that was you), Verena Reitz, Yukikaze and Rhys Capper.

If you want your name removed from this list, or would rather I list your screen name, send me an email at

Of course, normal donations are always welcome, but I am no longer “in need” of money for something. If you had perhaps planned to donate but didn’t get there in time, might I suggest you donate that amount to a charity of your choice instead?

Thanks again!


So, I’ve been pondering for a couple of weeks now whether to make this post or not, and after bringing it up to a couple of friends, it seems general consensus is that I should stop worrying about seeming like a money grubbing scumbag and just make the post.

Usually I don’t actively ask for donations, but I’m pretty much penniless, and I am looking for some donations so that I can buy a decent microphone.

The specific reason is that I’d like to re-voice and expand my Thurindir follower, with decent sound quality, instead of the nasty low quality voice he already has.

Initially I was just going to buy one with my own money, but then I saw the prices of those things, and I can’t even afford the cheap ones.

So yeah, I appreciate you guys’ help, if you’re willing to give it. If not, that’s fine. Also, if I don’t make it to enough for a mic within a couple of weeks, I will issue refunds on all donations made in that time. Also, if and when I make it to a high enough number, I will make another post to let you guys know I don’t need any more donations.

And please, don’t take this as a demand. Whether I receive donations or not will NOT affect the speed at which I make mods in any way. I’m just asking for help.

If you would like to donate, the button is there at the side >>



Seriously, I never said that. I don’t know who’s been spreading this, but I never once said that.

I started that post by saying I wasn’t retiring, and just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to everyone for all their support SO FAR.

So let me just confirm for everyone who is still under that impression (if Mr. Cheesy wasn’t enough) that I am NOT retiring.

First of all, let me start by saying that I am neither dying, nor quitting modding not dying, and I’m not quitting modding either.

Conjure Mr. Cheesy

Have you ever wanted your very own cheese atronach? Yeah, I didn’t either, to be honest, but it seemed to me to be something kitty Sheogorath would probably use, so I made Mr. Cheesy for Alicia, and now here he is for you all to use.

He took me 20 minutes, and he’s so lazy I didn’t even remove the storm atronach lightning effects. It’s just a silly quick mod. That’s all. You’ll find his spell book on your bed, Hall of Attainement, Mages College, Winterhold.


Also, just a quick note to say I updated the Eiries’ race mods, Ohmes-Raht and Abyssal Dremora, to use the updated, much less broken version of Race Compatibility. Thanks to Taiolu for letting me know of its existence. I also added mounted combat support, while I was at it. No links here, just grab them from the existing links on the Eiries and HoneyVanity download page. If you’re updating, it should be safe to just drop the new files in. That’s what I did, and everything seems to work right.

Sorry folks. Nothing special for Christmas day. Out of the country at the moment.

But I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and get all the super awesome geeky presents to hoped for. Or just not dying, that’s good too.

Have a good one folks.