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The Aether Suite has been expanding and expanding for years, and the file size for the mod had become very big, both as a download, and as an unzipped install. With that in mind, a lot of my more recent updates have been trying to provide new content without too much increase in asset load. For the Christmas update this year, I’d like to know, if you guys had to see more of the same, what would your preference be.

Here’s a poll. You can vote for multiple options, but please don’t vote for more than 3. It’s not helpful.


So after letting the poll run for a week, I got a lot more votes than expected, and the end results went in directions I also was pretty surprised about. You can view the results in the link below. I’ll be using these results to figure out just exactly what I want to do next, so thanks to everyone who voted.

Final Results

Thanks for your help!

I didn’t really want to be asking for donations so soon, but my PC has completely died. I’m stuck with an ancient laptop as my only computing device at the moment.

If anyone has a few euros to spare to help me replace it, I’d appreciate it. Of course, no need to help if you don’t want to.

Thanks for your time.

EDIT: Since apparently we have some cynics in our midst, to be clear, my motherboard is fried. My machine is 8 years old. The main parts are no longer in good condition. The RAM doesn’t always work properly. I have chosen to replace the core parts (mobo, CPU, and RAM) because I can’t keep dragging the old one around any more. I will be using parts from the old one which are still in good condition, and I have already paid for replacements by getting a small loan. This post was put here simply because I’d like to pay that loan back.

The situation is fine and if literally no one wants to help, that’s fine too.

I got a donation this morning, which reminded me that I usually look for help to cover the server for the first few months of the year around now. I know I didn’t do much modding this year, so perhaps people don’t feel compelled to lend a hand, and that’s totally fine, but if anyone finds themselves with a few euros to spare, I’d certainly appreciate the help.

Some folks thought it might be a good idea for me to put a sticky post up here to explain that I don’t answer questions about outfits in the images. The reason is because I can’t share a lot of them due to permissions (or legality), and don’t wish to offend people by having to refuse them, and believe me, some people get very offended.

Generally, I take last minute pictures before a release and don’t tend to consider what the characters are wearing. This isn’t likely to change. Please be respectful of that and refrain from making requests or demands regarding them.

Hey guys

I know we’re coming up for Christmas so everyone’s probably tapped out, but if you guys could spare anything to donate to help with the server costs these next couple of months, I’d be really appreciative. If not, have a merry christmas anyway, because you probably have family or friends to spend it on!

I was wrong about QTP3 textures being completely original, and there is just enough vanilla Oblivion in them to be considered illegal.

I will be creating new textures for the Ayleid tiles in my next update.

For the time being, anyone who has intended to use these pieces with their original textures in a nexus mod, don’t.

Those who have been banned as a result (MCR):

You can submit an unban request at the link, and blame the shit out of me.

State that you were unaware the assets contained illegal content, that I had stated as much, which I did, and that it’s all my fault. Feel free to link them to this post as well.

Seems like I managed to choose some of the only textures in the pack which weren’t made entirely from scratch.

So, my PSU blew up. I got back from 3 weeks away from home, tried to get things up and running, and it shit out on me.

Any donation help would be greatly appreciated. Kind of an emergency. Sorry to beg for money again so soon, but I’m broke and my PC’s dead. When I was asking for donations to cover the server, I sure didn’t see this one coming. I will be able to keep modding and shooting though, since I have a laptop. Some updates coming in the next few days, actually.

EDIT: A new, sturdy PSU is on its way. MUCH THANKS to all who donated. You helped me get this situation solved a lot quicker than it otherwise would have been.


Usually I wouldn’t put donation requests into their own post, especially since I HATE making posts without pretty images, but in this case, I decided to keep it compact, since the post will be stickied for the coming few weeks.