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I was wrong about QTP3 textures being completely original, and there is just enough vanilla Oblivion in them to be considered illegal.

I will be creating new textures for the Ayleid tiles in my next update.

For the time being, anyone who has intended to use these pieces with their original textures in a nexus mod, don’t.

Those who have been banned as a result (MCR):

You can submit an unban request at the link, and blame the shit out of me.

State that you were unaware the assets contained illegal content, that I had stated as much, which I did, and that it’s all my fault. Feel free to link them to this post as well.

Seems like I managed to choose some of the only textures in the pack which weren’t made entirely from scratch.

So, my PSU blew up. I got back from 3 weeks away from home, tried to get things up and running, and it shit out on me.

Any donation help would be greatly appreciated. Kind of an emergency. Sorry to beg for money again so soon, but I’m broke and my PC’s dead. When I was asking for donations to cover the server, I sure didn’t see this one coming. I will be able to keep modding and shooting though, since I have a laptop. Some updates coming in the next few days, actually.

EDIT: A new, sturdy PSU is on its way. MUCH THANKS to all who donated. You helped me get this situation solved a lot quicker than it otherwise would have been.


Usually I wouldn’t put donation requests into their own post, especially since I HATE making posts without pretty images, but in this case, I decided to keep it compact, since the post will be stickied for the coming few weeks.

I will never ask money for my mods, and they will never be hosted on steam workshop.

I will continue to request donations when I need them, as I have been doing, to cover my server costs, so that anyone who feels it’s worthwhile to help, and that has the money to do so, can give me a hand. Even if not enough people, or no one donates, the server will always still be paid for.

My mods are free. Mods should be free. Asking people for money for mods goes completely against the whole grain of the sharing ideal of modding communities, and I think it’s an awful thing to do. I think what Bethesda and Valve have decided to do is pretty shameful, and I just hope they see the error of their ways when they see what an insane mess it’s going to cause.

Also wanted to mention, my “free to use or reupload” policy does not include for profit. If you’re making a for-profit mod, you may not use anything from my mods. If you’re reuploading my mods, you may not charge money for them.

Thanks for all your support over the years, everyone.


I know I keep mentioning the followers, but to give something a little more concrete, I am going to be extremely busy for the next couple of weeks. However, my easter recess begins March 19th, so from then on, I’ll have around 2 weeks, in which I intend to release at least 1 follower a day, until I run out of followers to update/make.

Also, thanks to everyone who donated. It was an incredibly successful request, and the server is now paid for up until the 1st of June. You guys are awesome. Incidentally, I only get real names when I receive donations, so if anyone wishes to be mentioned, please let me know with the username you wish to be thanked by. I don’t want to just throw up people’s real names all over my blog.



I deleted all comments on all site pages (not posts) because some of them were just getting really long. Please don’t be offended if a comment went missing. I made sure to keep the most recent ones. It was just getting out of hand trying to load some of the pages.

Wow. I hit my goal so fast!

Thank you so much to donators, TairenSoul, Chilliblitz, Wanako (I think that was you), Verena Reitz, Yukikaze and Rhys Capper.

If you want your name removed from this list, or would rather I list your screen name, send me an email at

Of course, normal donations are always welcome, but I am no longer “in need” of money for something. If you had perhaps planned to donate but didn’t get there in time, might I suggest you donate that amount to a charity of your choice instead?

Thanks again!