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Android Race

Android Race

So some of you might have kept track of this mod a veeeery long time ago. As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m releasing a lot of stuff I’ve had sitting around, and this is the last one of those, and the one that’s been waiting the longest. It took four years, but I finally decided to release it.

At this point it’s basically already outdated, for a lot of reasons. It’s unfinished. It was considered completely dead, but I decided to resurrect it, fix the bugs, and release it as is. That means it’s done, dusted, and we’re never coming back to it. If it doesn’t work for you, that’s unfortunate, but I will not be supporting the mod in any way. If you don’t understand how to make use of it, or that you can’t use (most) clothing with it, that’s your own problem.

All of that said, here’s the download, and I hope you enjoy the fruits of mine, Eiries, and Honey’s labour across the course of 2 years: Download

Abyssal Dremora Race

And to finish up today, another one of these. This time I put Eiries’ Abyssal Dremora textures into a race. Actually, 3 races. Again, it’s FEMALE ONLY, because his textures are female only. If you don’t like it… well, download his resources and make a male version yourself?

The 3 races have similar stats to High Elves, except their specialisation is in destruction. Their racial, abyssal, is basically flame cloak, and I forgot to put a cooldown timer on it, so enjoy burning everyone all the time. They also have permanently boosted magicka regen speed.

The red ones are known as “Dremora Ignis”, the green ones are known as “Dremora Silva”, and the purple ones are known as “Dremora Nox”. Those are all latin, because I just really didn’t want to name the races “red dremora”, “green dremora”, “purple dremora”. They mean fire, forest and night, respectively.

The 3 races have their own unique horns, but if you’re not into horns, I’ve also supplied a no horns esp. The vampires are tested and working (yes, I remembered this time). I’ve also supplied the same body options as I did with the Ohmes-Raht. i.e. various versions of UNPB and also UNPCM. Instructions on how to add the races to your CME/ECE are also in the readme.

Download | Screenshots

Enjoy your Dremora ladies!


Eiries Ohmes-Raht Race

So there’s been a number of requests over time for Eiries’ Ohmes-Raht textures to get their own actual race mod. Today I decided to oblige that request.

The race is FEMALE ONLY, because the textures were female only. It has a few bits and bobs tossed in, because I didn’t just want to throw them on a body. Amongst the features are fully morphing ears and some partial conversions of the khajiit face tints and stripes (partially meaning only the parts that cover the fur). I also included my not butt plug Khajiit tail.

The download also contains a few optional files for different UNP body types. The default is regular UNP, also included at BBP and non BBP versions of original UNPB and UNPB redux (that’s xp32’s version) as well as UNPCM. I’ve also included the relevant skeletons for the BBP versions of the bodies.

Download | Screenshots

Hope you guys enjoy your cat girls!