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Halo's Poser 6.5

As the modocalypse is upon us, and the modding world is busy infighting over whether or not paid mods are a good idea (they are fucking not) I’ve noticed an awful lot of people have been too busy freaking out about how their favourite pastime is tumbling down to get ANY WAIFAN DONE.

Don’t forget your waifus.

I’m here to help. Never fear. Halo’s Poser 6.5 is here, FOR FREE, and only on Halo’s Mods (or anywhere else you can find it reuploaded).

What’s new?

  • Completed Halo’s Poser 8
  • Added and completed Halo’s Poser 9
  • Added and completed Halo’s Poser 10
  • Added Halo’s Poser 11, the first 12 poses
  • Added 9 more poses to the object poser. RAMEN’s Guitar poses.
  • Take this offering, make beautiful screenshots with waifus (or just really pretty husbandos). Forget about the fact that those you supported are currently trying to drain you of every last penny!


    Don’t forget, to run FNIS, which is ALSO FREE!


    P.S. If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t signed this yet, you should: Petition to remove paid content from skyrim’s steam workshop

    Halo's Poser 5.3

    So this poser update isn’t a very big one, I just decided while I was releasing other minor updates, I’d release this too.


  • Mod is now standalone. One or two people have asked in the past how to make it standalone, and it’s only because I didn’t want to pack up the scripts from PP, but it doesn’t really hurt anyone if I do, so now you don’t actually need PP to use Halo’s Poser.
  • Changed the scripts to automatically disable FootIK when you do a pose. That means the feet with DO THE RIGHT THING now when you pose. For those of you who liked it when the legs did stupid stuff, just don’t install the updated scripts folder.
  • Added Halo’s Object Poser with 18 poses. 9 panties and 9 towels. These poses will work in varying degrees depending on things like body type, weight slider, and skeleton scales. They’re there for the possibility of use. Whether you have any success with them is another matter.
  • Added Halo’s Silly Poser with 9 poses. Silly poser is exactly what it says. Silly poses. It only has 9 poses right now though.
  • Added Halo’s Pairs 2 with 18 pair poses. All lewd.
  • Added 7 more poses to Halo’s Poser 8.
  • Download

    And again, for anyone who missed in the other posts, I’d appreciate donations so I can keep the server running this month.

    Enjoy the poses!


    Halo's Poser 5.0

    It’s Christmas! You know what that means? Presents!

    I hope you guys didn’t think I’d leave you with nothing on Christmas day. Well, not this time, anyway. 3 Skyrim Christmasses have gone by and I wanted to make this one a little more memorable than the last, so I’ve got a couple of small gifts for you, and this is the first.

    Halo’s Poser 5.0.

    I’ve added 2 new modules. Halo’s Poser 7 and Halo’s Poser 8. Halo’s Poser 7 is 100% complete, all 81 poses. Halo’s Poser 8 is 66% complete with 54 poses. (or maybe 56 if you poke those blank slots for 55 and 56).

    Lots of standing poses again because we all need more standing poses.

    Download is above, or just here, for anyone confused:

    Enjoy your posing!


    Halo's Poser 4.15

    Shh. Nobody mention the lame title. I was listening to that song making this post…

    Halo’s Poser 4.15

    Not that big of an update overall. Added and completed Halo’s Poser 6 module. That’s it. 81 more poses. Some of them are explicit. The kind of stuff you’d find in HPEXT. The idea separating lewd poses out into their own special poser again seemed tiresome, so I’m just including them in the main poser now. They’re all marked (explicit), so those of you who want to avoid that sort of thing won’t have any trouble working around them.

    On another note, it’s coming up to server time again, and I’d be really grateful to anyone who could help out this time. Remember, the server isn’t that expensive, so I’m not asking you to donate to me in the hundreds. Just any help you can give. :)

    As always, the download is up in the menu bar, or right here, if you don’t speak English, and these long rambling posts without handy download links just seem weird and confusing: Download

    Enjoy your posing!


    Poser Updates

    I know right? Big version jump. I’ve been working on a bunch of different pose related stuff the past month or so, and it’s all in here.


      -Completed Halo’s Poser 4
      -Added and completed Halo’s Poser 5
      -Completed Halo’s Pairs (almost entirely paired sex poses, M/F and F/F)
      -Completed HPEXT (also with paired sex poses, M/F)
      -Added Halo’s Threesomes (I wish T_T) 9 threesome poses.
      -Renamed all posers so selector and poser appear next to each other in inventory/favourites

    So yeah, I know, lots of sex here. Since I’ve made most solo poses 1000 times over, I’ve been exploring different territory. I should probably do some more action poses or something…

    Anyway, the download is, as usual, on the button in the menu above.

    In addition, expect a small Aether Suite update with some more fancy back rooms in the coming week.

    I’d also like to make a request for donations. I’m not looking for anything big. Just enough to help cover the server for the next couple of months. I just moved and the rent here is higher than I was paying before, so I’m having trouble catching up with myself atm. If you can’t donate, no worries, I’ll cover it somehow, I’d just appreciate any help you guys can give.



    Poser Updates

    Yes. That’s right. More poser updates, and again, it’s another double update. This one is a pretty exciting update because I finally completed, not one, but two of the Pinup Poser modules.

    Here’s the list of updates:

    Pinup Poser S:

      -COMPLETED Pinups for Men pose module.
      -COMPLETED Pinups Pair pose module.
      -Fixed a couple of typos.

    Halo’s Poser:

      -Added new module “Halo’s Poser Pairs” with 6 pair poses.
      -Added 15 more poses to HPEXT.
      -Added 25 more poses to Halo’s Poser 4.
      -Fixed some naming conventions for poses.

    Can I also just say, at this point, you guys should really stop putting your poses in my empty slots. Not because it pisses me off, because it doesn’t, but because all of those slots will eventually get filled, and your poses will be overwritten, and you’ll have nowhere to put your poses.

    Pinup Poser s1.3:
    Halo’s Poser 2.25:

    And remember to update your FNIS!



    EDIT: Also, for you poser lovers, I’d like to draw your attention to shocky’s poser, which can be found here:

    Because you can never have enough poses.

    Poser Updates

    So, I’ve been sitting on a bunch of not so big updates for ages, and today I decided to overhaul some of the parts of Pinup Poser and Halo’s Poser to make them more convenient, so it’s time for an update for each.

    Pinup Poser s1.2

      -All select and play rings have now been renamed with “zz” at the start so that they will group together at the very bottom of your inventory, out of the way.
      -ALL NPC POSING SPELLS HAVE BEEN CHANGED TO POWERS ACTIVATED BY THE POWERS BUTTON (DEFAULT Z). What that means is that, if you’re going through a dungeon with a follower, and you stop to pose, you’re not gonna end up trying to pose a draugr a minute later, because you forgot to switch back to your spell or weapon.
      -8 new pair poses.
      -10+ new poses in EX5.
      -Cleared out and cleaned up some crap in the .esp file.

    Halo’s Poser 2.0

      -All select and play rings have now been renamed with “zz” at the start so that they will group together at the very bottom of your inventory, out of the way.
      -ALL NPC POSING SPELLS HAVE BEEN CHANGED TO POWERS ACTIVATED BY THE POWERS BUTTON (DEFAULT Z). What that means is that, if you’re going through a dungeon with a follower, and you stop to pose, you’re not gonna end up trying to pose a draugr a minute later, because you forgot to switch back to your spell or weapon.
      -Added Halo’s Poser 4, with 40 poses.
      -Added HPEXT, with 45 poses.

    HPEXT is a LEWD POSER. It’s full of masturbation and showing off poses. If you don’t like that sort of thing, don’t use it. It’s not hard to not use it, and I have no interest in any kind of idiotic complaints anyone might want to make about it. Even a masturbation pose can be used to make a classy nude, if you have 2 brain cells to rub together, so don’t send hatemail, I’ll just delete it.

    Outside of that rant, here’s the download links. Enjoy!
    Pinup Poser s1.2:
    Halo’s Poser 2.0:


    Halo's Poser 1.5

    Woop. 81 more poses.

    This update contains a few rather intentionally made crawling poses, since I was so lacking in them and I love crawling poses. Something also majorly notable is that this one has a PILE of simple poses. Simple walking. Simple standing. Most importantly, quite a number of walking with magic. Something I was severely lacking.

    All in all, this one is very much about filling a niche I’ve basically been ignoring since the final “standing pose” module. Loads of simple standing and walking.

    When you update, you’ll have to rerun FNIS and refavourite the rings. Due to module merging, the formIDs got renumbered, so the old items don’t exist any more, and the new ones will be added on load.

    In other news, Halo’s Poser is likely to become my new primary poser. Being as I treat it differently, by making piles of poses and then just slapping them in game for better or worse, it results in more poses on a quicker basis, which I don’t think anyone would complain about.



    Edit: For anyone who managed to find the post within the first minute after I posted it, redownload the mod. Apparently the new upload broke the first time.

    Halo's Poser

    So, here it is, complete. In fact, rather more complete than I think any of you would have been expecting.

    Halo’s Poser now complrises of 2 complete modules of 81 poses each. For those of you who are bad at maths, that’s 162 poses. Over 100 new poses for you all to play with.

    Why is Halo’s Poser not just part of Pinup Poser? Well, basically, because unlike Pinup Poser, which are posed slowly and tested in game and fixed, where need be, Halo’s Poser is quick and dirty. Make a pose, save pose, make next pose, save pose, rinse, repeat. Also because I’ve pushed the skeleton a little further than I normally would, so some of these poses are a little more mangled for the sake of achieving a certain look.

    Other important information? These poses WILL CLIP. That has nothing to do with my poses, and everything to do with your skeleton. I don’t want to sit and explain the ins and outs of Skyrim skeletons, but with the point we’re at with modding, 99% of you downloading this mod will have some sort of custom skeleton. Many of you will be using XPMS. Some of you will be using ECE’s scale options (shoulder scale, waist scale, etc.) Some of you will be using RaceMenu’s bone scale options. All of these will cause clipping with these poses. It’s not something you can fix without reverting to a vanilla skeleton with 0 scales, and it’s not somwething I can fix, because I can only make poses for 1 skeleton type, and I use the vanilla skeleton.

    tl;dr: If you run into poses in this mod which have hands clipping inside legs, or arms clipping through bodies, don’t come running to me, because it’s not my fault. It’s just an unfortunate side effect of having so much control over character creation.

    And ramble over, enjoy your poses.