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Aether Suite v3.1.0

Merry Christmas!

That’s right. I haven’t forgotten about everybody this year. I ended up with a pretty nasty bug right before Christmas, so it was a rush to the finish, BUT I have got some updates for you.

Here’s what’s been added in this update:

  • Added 4 new cells to the Hot Springs Hotel location. Now it’s more like an actual hot springs hotel. The foyer, the dining area, the rec room, and the courtyard. The courtyard is gonna make your machine chug. ENB does NOT like all that foliage.
  • Added 3 new cells to the Red Robin Lounge. 2 private rooms, and also a bathroom in the En Suite, so now the En Suite is an actual En Suite and not just misnamed.
  • Updated Lily’s Aethernet Dash with even more buttons! A whole new top row.
  • Other various small tweaks and fixes, including improvements to the glass walls which I did such a good job of messing up in the last release.
  • It might not sound like much, but my focus this time was basically on making the hot springs hotel into a full screenshooting location. It’s not finished yet though! There’s more to come in future updates.

    Without further ado, here’s the download: Download

    Have fun!

    Aether Suite v3.0.0

    It’s been a while since the last update, but hopefully this update won’t disappoint.

    I won’t bother with a ramble, here’s the changelog:

  • Added Hot Springs Hotel – accessed from the main lobby
  • Added Lily’s Apartment and Aethernet Dash – Accessed from Redoran Ward, and the bedroom, respectively. The Aethernet Dash is a highly configurable studio room
  • Added PI Office – accessed via Redoran Ward
  • Added Lilim’s Bunker – Accessed via the end of the Redoran Ward street. A partial, and quite mediocre replica of a certain location in a certain game
  • Overhauled Apartment 184 – The apartment is now split into separate cells for better lighting, has light switches, and a bathroom, and some changes, both small and big
  • Overhauled Finnegan’s Bar and Board – A few additions, a few changes. There’s a jukebox now. It’s really ugly.
  • Massive music overhaul – A lot of the music previously used in the Aether Suite was copyrighted. Music in new areas is all creative commons or licensed, and all previously used copyrighted music has been replaced with legal alternatives. You can find the full details on any music you might like in the readme
  • Other minor changes including nicer bottles, collision fixes on the streets to allow followers to get onto paths, and removal of accidentally used SMIM apples, in lieu of vanilla apples. Lots of other little things I can’t even remember.
  • Hopefully the update will be to everyone’s liking. And just a quick note to anyone who wants to complain that Knox is growing based around my characters: What do you expect? It’s literally my Skyrim dollhouse. See release name.

    Here’s the download: Download

    Have fun!


    PS: Why the shit do I always sign my name? Of course it’s Halo. There isn’t anyone else who posts on this blog!

    Aether Suite v2.8.0

    This update is pretty all over the place. I haven’t made any one big thing, instead, I’ve made lots of little things. Well, okay, not so little, but they’ll probably seem little to anyone using the mod.

    Here’s the changelog:

  • Made Arbelle’s apartment an entire living space, complete with sitting room, kitchen, and bathroom.
  • Created a new minor hub area called Redoran Ward. Accessed from Red Robin Plaza.
  • Added an abandoned school, accessed from Redoran Ward. Key found in Undergrind Office.
  • Added a club, The Undergrind, accessed from Redoran Ward. Try pressing the switch behind the bar. Might have to press it twice. It doesn’t usually work first time.
  • Added the House of Dibella on Main Street. HOD sells all the armor and weapons previously found in Finnegan’s, and lots of custom versions of Hepsy’s Basic Wears, plus panties and socks.
  • Various fixes minor fixes.
  • Quite a lot of work went into this one, but it doesn’t particularly show, due to the small amount of content it actually added.

    The Aether Suite now comes with 3 warnings. Trigger warning, for disturbing images or situations in the nightmare portion, for those of you with severe phobias. Flashing/strobing lights warning in the undergrind, for those of you with photosensitive epilepsy. NSFW warning in the undergrind, for those of you who are… I dunno, I just know there was technically no NSFW content until now.

    Here’s the download: Download


    EDIT: There were a couple of bugs in this release. The black jeans textures go to the original basic wears folder. If you don’t have basic wears, you’ll get missing textures. Also when you leave house of dibella you end up inside a window.

    Since I don’t release hotfixes, if you want to fix these issues, you’ll have to redownload the whole thing.

    Aether Suite v0.2.7.0

    Here we are again. The ever expanding Aether Suite has expanded some more, though this release isn’t just about expansion.

    There are a couple of big things about this release, and it was tough for me to actually decide which was actually of greater importance. Either way, it’s all important in the scheme of things!

    Here’s your changelog:

  • Added the nightmare. Accessed via a small apartment through one of the doors in the Red Robin Plaza.
  • Overhauled the main area of Arclite Community College, and partially overhauled the club building. Roughly 75% of the main area has been rebuilt from the ground up, using a newly made tileset.
  • Some small tweaks have been made in a few places in Knox.
  • Now I know, that doesn’t look like much. It’s only a list of 3 things. However, the nightmare is a linear series of cells, which I actually recommend you PLAY start to end before you think about using them to take any kind of pictures. It’s the only part of the Aether Suite so far with any kind of a linear drive to it. It’s about a 30 minute experience. Could be 20 if you’re lucky and also miss out on some stuff. Could be an hour, if you’re very unlucky. It’s very much inspired by some of my favourite horror game experiences. I don’t want to say too much about it, because I think too much foreknowledge might ruin the experience. What I will say though is don’t miss the torch. Some of you might have light spells or vanilla torches sitting around, but that torch is the best way to play it, preferably in first person, because third person seems to refuse to use torch anims, no matter what kind of crazy things I do to work around it.

    The school, on the other hand, if I’ve done my job right, no one should even think anything has changed, except for a subtle improvement in overall quality. I made a completely new tileset for the shell of the college. New walls. The old walls and the college in general was built when I was just starting to get to know the CK and its quirks. As a result it was plagued with little holes in the walls, floors, and ceilings, and some not very well made tiles, or tiles that didn’t even fit properly into the grid, such as the stairwells, which were bloody awful. The point of my overhaul was not to alter the school, but just to fix all of its inherent problems. I made completely new stairwells which are MUCH nicer. I optimised a lot of the way the building is designed. The new tiles all fit nicely into a 64 unit grid and slot together like lego, so there should be no tiny gaps in the walls, or under the windows, or next to the doors. All in all, it should just FEEL better to be in.

    Anyway, enough with my rambling.


    This warning is not a joke. I had to apologise to one of my testers because they had quite a severe reaction and couldn’t actually finish testing the mod. It goes as much for this mod as it does for any psychological horror game.

    And here’s the download link: Download


    P.S. A MASSIVE thank you to donators! The original donation request didn’t actually get much attention, so when I made my second one, I didn’t really keep track of its progress, but the response was massive! Not only did I get enough to cover the few summer months I was originally aiming for, there’s enough money in the server pot now to cover the next TEN months. The donation button will remain, but now anyone donating is basically just buying me ice cream (or games? Or a newer, less cruddy GPU?), so seriously, unless you really specifically want to donate, there’s no need.

    Aether Suite v0.2.5.2

    Okay, so this isn’t a big update, but I wanted to drop something more to help reassure folks that EVERYTHING IS OKAY and that paid mods aren’t going to affect anything over here.

    I’ve added a couple of little things and changed something big, but pointless, and wanted to get it out to the public.


  • Added RAMEN’s Bedroom, which can be found in Red Robin Plaza
  • Added Arbelle’s Bedroom, which can be found in Red Robin Plaza
  • Added RAMEN’s Aethernet Dashboard, which can be accessed via RAMEN’s PC
  • Added Arbelle’s Aerhernet Dashbpoard, which can be accessed via Arbelle’s PC in her bedroom (not her office PC)
  • Overhauled the “lore”. I’ve now integrated everything so it makes sense in the AS universe. Except the fact you can take aethernet things into the “real world”, but let’s just pretend we didn’t notice?
  • Lots of little behind the scenes tweaks, like fixing some of the textures, improving the mip mapping, switching texture types to prevent ugly colour artifacting. That sort of thing.
  • I’m sure you were all hoping for something much bigger, but I don’t have too much free time right now, and I’ve been working on stuff like that huge update I just made to the poser and all those followers I released a couple of weeks back.

    Enjoy the little update!



    P.S. They’ve reached their goal, but if haven’t signed this yet, you should. The number can only benefit from increasing: Petition to remove paid content from skyrim’s steam workshop

    Aether Suite v0.2.5.1

    So, some more Aether Suite updating. Nothing big this time, but it is something some folks might have been waiting (or hoping?) for. It’s a small expansion to the academy.


  • Added the night classrooms. A couple of classrooms and also a reasonable sized relaxation room. They’re basically duplicates of the classrooms in the main school, except this time with interior lighting, which is important, k?
  • Added the societies building. 4 small rooms meant for groups too small to be clubs. They’re pretty cushy, but what do you expect when no one has to really pay for it?
  • They’re not a huge expansion, but I felt like it was a big enough update that people might want it, especially since it’s been over a year since I did anything to the academy except replace some of the crappy textures.


    Something something donations for server.

    Have fun!


    P.S. I haven’t forgotten about the followers, but I’m struggling for time a bit at the moment, so it’s gonna take a bit longer than originally expected. Bear with me. I WILL get them all up eventually.

    Aether Suite v0.2.5

    Okay, so, after having some people test the new areas of the mod, I released it, and then this morning, one of my friends discovered some missing textures, which I assumed were corrupt somehow. Turns out they were, because BSA archives have a 2.1gb file size limit. Great.




    Here’s the download again:

    And my apologies for causing you guys trouble. I had no idea there was a bsa size limit.


    Aether Suite v0.2.5

    Another Aether Suite update so soon? Why yes, yes it is. This update incorporates a project I worked on for a very long time but never ended up completing. Something that was quite important to me. I’d been working on and off making up Ayleid assets and recreating some of the tileset from Oblivion from scratch. The important part about it was that I was using the Ayleid textures created by Qarl.

    I imagine a lot of you out there in the TES modding community only joined with Skyrim. For those of you who don’t know who Qarl was, he was incredibly well known in both the Morrowind and Oblivion modding communities for his mods, especially his texture overhauls. He created the biggest, and still in my opinion the best texture overhaul for Oblivion, and anyone getting into Oblivion today would likely be using his Qarl’s Texture Pack 3 mod. Qarl died in 2013, and when I found out I began work on a mod incorporating some of his textures. Originally it was to be a follower and quest mod which would have a long forgotten Ayleid ruin found on the Skyrim border as the final dungeon. As you can all tell, it was never released, but I still wanted to make use of the assets, and bring Qarl’s name into the Skyrim modding community, and this is how I decided to do it. I’d been planning to add a Knox undercity for some time, and when I thought about it, it just seemed to fit.

    So what do you need to know about this update? Well, the important part is that anyone who might have mastered their own esp to the Aether Suite in the past will find it broken. Because I merged 2 mods into 1 here, the reference IDs were renumbered, and this will break any mods based on the Aether Suite. It will also send any saved games in the Aether Suite back to the Riverwood Inn. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ANYONE WHO HAS ANY FOLLOWERS SITUATED IN THE AETHER SUITE CLEAN THEIR SAVE GAMES OF THE OLD VERSION BEFORE UPDATING.

    Other changes include the fact that the warrens doors are ALL locked now, and the keycard is now found inside Arbelle Ephienne’s desk, in her office. The undercity can be accessed via the newly created warrens block 3.

    Here’s the download:

    Most importantly this release is dedicated to Qarl. I hope his name will carry on with the TES modding community, in one way or another, for years to come.

    Enjoy the update.


    Aether Suite v0.2.0

    Christmas day part 2! An Aether Suite update. Anyone who’s been keeping track of the numbers might guess it’s a pretty big one. We jumped from 0.1.6 to 0.2.0.

    See below for the substantial list of changes, which I doubt anyone was expecting.

      -Added area Red Robin Plaza
      -Added area Children of Talos Chapel
      -Added area Arbelle Ephienne’s Office
      -Added area Apartment 184
      -Added radio station Wave Radio
      -Countless other small updates, upgrades, and fixes which are too small to mention.

    WAVE RADIO. I don’t know how many of you played Fallout New Vegas, and I’m sure even less of you used my mod, but Wave Radio carries a legacy well past Skyrim.

    A few instructions about Wave Radio, since I don’t think I put any in the readme.

    -There area couple of radios in Knox which are separate from the main station and will only play within the cell you activate them.
    -To activate Wave Radio, equip the mini-radio found in Apartment 184. To turn it off, unequip the radio.
    -Wave Radio (the main station) replaces your background music, so if you have your in-game music turned down, you won’t be able to hear it.

    Oh, and one other note. The apartment WILL crash for some people. I’ve had some folks test it. It doesn’t crash as all for some, it crashes occasionally for others, and a lot for others. I can’t pinpoint the cause, I’m afraid. Maybe try installing HDT memory patch? That fixed it for me.

    That’s the skinny, and Christmas is over. Sorry I didn’t have more to deliver, but I am only one man, and I’m no Santa Clause.

    Merry Christmas to everyone! And a big thanks to Chilliblitz who single handedly donated enough to cover my server this month.




    Aether Suite v0.1.6

    I really ought to stop with the anime names…

    So, another small Aether Suite update. More back rooms, and a slightly different way to get to them. Don’t be fooled by the fancy names. They’re nothing special. The Satellite Container is a bit buggy with its water. I have no idea why.

    I also decided to open up a teleporter to the original version of the Red Robin Lounge, which I never deleted from the esp. I still use it for screenshots sometimes, and I actually prefer the design to the newer, more grandiose version. It was dumped because it was crash heavy and I couldn’t figure out why, but for the sake of a bit of fun, you can now access it via the mic in the overhauled teleporter room in the lobby, should you so choose.

    And just a reminder that followers can’t follow you to any of these areas, just in case you were hoping for anything like that. Of course, you can still use the “moveto player” command, but you’ll have to move them around yourself.

      -Added a few more back rooms, specifically, Velvet Bedroom, Ocean Abyss, Crystal Infinity, Icy Cavern, Pitch Black Glass/2, Satellite Container.
      -Added access to a room that’s been sitting there untouched for months, Daedalus Observation Deck.
      -Added access to the original version of the Red Robin Lounge. It was crash heavy, so I redesigned and rebuilt it, but I still prefer the original, so I let others in as well. As the teleporter for it says, it comes with a serious CTD warning, but you might get some fun out of the cosier design.

    Download | Screenshots

    And just to reiterate my request for donations. If you can help, it’s appreciated, but just to remember whether you donate or not will not have an effect on the rate at which I release mods.