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Not even a picture on this one. THANK YOU to, Slappy, the one person who actually noticed Breezy was broken and let me know. Breezy’s facegeom files were broken due to some problems I had with the esp shortly before release. I have now fixed it, and Breezy actually looks like Breezy now. I’ve had it tested. Definitely working.

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Umbra 2.0

Umbra 2.0

Umbra update. New hair, new outfit, new weapon… well, same weapon, but it’s cooler now, if she ever uses it, which she rarely does. I overhauled her combat style. She shouldn’t just one shot everything now, similar to Nim.

75% more naked.

I highly recommend you clean your save of the old version, otherwise her new combat style won’t take effect.

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Nim 2.0

Nim 2.0

Nim update. A few things have been changed. Her outfit (though you can’t see much of the change), her hair, and her combat stye. She will now use magic quite a bit, and she will also not just one shot everything for you. You might actually have to like… kill stuff yourself.

I also highly recommend you clean your save of her before you update, otherwise the combat style changes won’t take effect.

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Alicia 2.1

Alicia 2.1

This isn’t an update worthy of its own post really. I just switched her back to her old ninjatou because that scythe looked absolutely ridiculous as a 1 handed weapon.

That’s the only change.

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Today, the update is Sinestra. It’s a pretty major update. She’s gone from some weird proto-castanic thing, to Lilim’s daughter, and all round tomboy. As a side note, for anyone who feels like pointing out how boyish she looks with her square jaw and short hair, I assure you, that’s intentional. She is my tomboy character.

I also bring you Breezy, my half Argonian thingy. I don’t know what to call her really, but I do know that she has a sister called Liz, and that there was fair demand for a follower of her.

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It begins. Over the next week or two (depending on how fast I work) I’ll be updating all my character followers, and releasing new ones, for characters I haven’t released yet.

Today is the first day of that. Starting with a hugely updated Alicia. She has new body textures, eyes, hair, outfit, combat style, weapon, and a high poly head. The weapon actually looks kind of silly, and a bit buggy, so I might replace it before my mad update spree is over. Keep eyes open for that.

Also releasing Nala today. My tribal huntress. Nala comes with 2 versions. The original topless version that I play as, and an SFW version, because some people are afraid of a little breast.

Both also have optional high res textures. Those downloads are simple loose files, and not bsa replacers, so install at your own peril. They’re simply there for those who would prefer the original textures and not the lower quality ones I packed up with the followers.

Alicia is still at the Moorside Inn in Morthal. Nala can be found at the Silver Blood Inn, in Markarth.

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Lilim 1.2


And here she graduates to official mod status and gets moved off of the character followers page, and onto the main page, because I have tricked her out, big time.

Firstly, I’ve now incorporated all 4 of the different versions I switch between in my own game. You now have the choice of bringing Lilim, Dremora Lilim, Aether Suite Lilim, or Neo Lilim along for the ride. Each of these represent different versions of Lilim that I commonly play as.

Dual wields her weapons, Vitriol and Vitriol dagger. Is generally pretty lore friendly…ish.

Dremora Lilim:
Battlemage, focussing on the magic side of things, mostly fire spells. She uses the Vitriol sword. She is NEKKID, but she has no naughty bits.

Aether Suite Lilim:
Battlemage, focussing on weapon play. She wields a rapier, and wears some intensely lore unfriendly gear. She is one of the versions I commonly use for Aether Suite screenshots now.

Neo Lilim:
Battlemage, focussing on weapon play. She wields a riding crop, and wears an outfit that inspited her name, since it’s a mash up of Neovinci’s works from 3 different games. She looks kind of a like a BDSM mistress.

So, all these versions. Kind of silly to have them all in game, following you around. There is an in-game version switcher. Once you’ve hired her from The Frozen Hearth in Winterhold, you’ll be able to access the appearance change option by talking to her. One thing to remember: Because I wanted to change absolutely everything about her for each appearance, each appearance is a different NPC. If you want to switch, make sure she’s not carrying anything of yours.

And finally: Download



An update for Lilim. Updated her body textures with the new (mostly) seamless ones I’m now using. Updated her eyes to use HoneyVanity’s honey eyes textures. Updated her hair textures.

Also added Aether Suite Lilim. A whole other version of the follower. The version I used in my recent Aether Suite set of images, for anyone who saw them. This is the version of Lilim I will probably use inside the Aether Suite from now on, so if anyone wants to use her, the option is there.



EDIT: And if you’re updating from her old version, and decide to install Aether Suite Lilim, dismiss the old version first, then make a clean save, otherwise she’ll still be wearing her normal clothes.