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Next on the followers list. This follower is a little different than usual because she WILL NOT WORK with custom outfits. What I mean is that she can’t even equip them. Her body will just vanish. I set it up this way because her body is very custom, and her textures won’t work properly with bodies other than her own.

For this reason an SFW version is included.





Yes. I finally got time to get back to work on these. I started with the most requested first. Nim and Umbra have been added. I should note I will not be uploaded legacy versions of them, so if you don’t like how they look now… well tough, really. I also updated Breezy with her spanking new textures. These ones are much much nicer, and PROPERLY seamless.

I’m not gonna guarantee releasing a follower every day until I’m done, but I do have plans to release quite a few more over the coming weeks. Not all of my characters will be on offer (because there are some characters that I don’t want to make into followers), but about 2/3 of them will make it to the character followers page over the next 3 weeks, so keep your eyes open for those.

Oh, and I should say, for anyone updating from the ancient versions I had on here before, make sure you clean them out completely, because these ones have a totally different setup.

Nim: Download
Umbra: Download
Breezy: Download Follower | Download Textures



P.S. I found out that the texture switch didn’t stick on some of the parts of kato that I released yesterday, so I made a quick fix. If you care, you can hop on over to the UNPCM page and redownload it.

Anya and Eriko

Well, I said I’d be updating old followers AND releasing some new ones, so here’s a 2-in-1 for you. Anya and Eriko.

Succubus sisters. They come as a pair. They’re both extremely pale, so they might just look flat and crap in your game, depending on your ENB. No special textures here, since they’re pretty standard stuff. Archive comes with optional dry textures for Eriko, if you’re not into the sweaty look.





So recently, I took down my character followers. I did it quietly, and without complaint, but apparently some other folks decided to make a big announcement about it. Reason was, I was pretty unhappy with how often they were getting downloaded just so people could take their textures, or other unique assets.

So I took them down, and had a good think about what to do regarding the matter, and originally I was just gonna leave them offline and that was gonna be that, but then I figured I could do something much better.


Instead of taking them permanently offline, I’ve begun updating them all to their current versions. They’re no longer packaged into bsa files, which makes it much easier for people to get any custom assets out of them they might want, and any follower with unique textures will also have a separate download specifically for their related texture pack, so you don’t need to go to the trouble of downloading the whole follower. They will come with low res textures as default, with optional high res ones in the same archive.


So over the next few weeks, they’ll be coming back one by one, as I update them with their relevant high poly heads, and I’ll also be adding some (not all, there are a couple I don’t want out in the wilds) of my newer characters as well. The only exception is Nala, who I don’t actually have on my PC any more, since I deleted her. I do have a backup of the old follower files sitting on here though, so if there’s demand for her, I can put her back up.

Also, the character followers page has been updated as well, since I’ve chosen a new presentation format for it, and the mods are now being hosted on my main modding domain.

Alicia: Download Follower | Download Textures
Sinestra: Download Follower | Download Textures
Breezy: Download Follower | Download Textures

Enjoy your updates!



My blog is turning into a custom followers blog, isn’t it?

Today it’s BRAVE MUSTAINE’s (see that emphasis, it’s because she’s not my character, or my mod. She belongs to Brave. That’s what these third party menus/posts mean) character, Safinia Fortuna.

She’s a shortass noble girl, self taught in the arts of using a fuckhuge shield and a sword to kill things. Also she tames bears, though apparently the follower can’t do that. Something about fuck scripting.

She can be found in Understone Keep, outside the throne room, and she’s ready for ass kicking.

Download | Screenshots

Incidentally, Brave’s Ermalda and Wezaleff both got updates the other day as well, so if you use them, hop on over to the Brave Mustaine page and download the new versions.






Thurindir update. v3.0. The mer, the myth, the ass hole.

So what’s new?

-Fully revoiced with nice, crisp, high quality recordings.
-Now fully standalone. No relying on vanilla assets or other mods.
-Updated facegen. Now with 100% more beard.
-Got rid of all the bells and whistles, because no one wanted or used them. Now he’s just Thurindir, and that’s just fine.

Okay, so I confess, I haven’t had anyone test him, except for uninstalling my local files and installing the download. I don’t think he’s broken, and I was just too excited to release him after all this.

IF YOU’RE UPDATING FROM 2.0: Uninstall the old version first. That is, delete Thurindir.bsa and also sound/voice/thurindir.esp

Just to be sure nothing breaks, really.

Download | Screenshots

Also, I forgot to include credits in the readme, so here they are:
-favoredsoul for the body mesh
-geonox for the face normals and I think the body textures
-urshi for parts of the face texture
-mackoms for parts of the face texture

Enjoy your ass hole!


EDIT: Apparently, I managed to delete his location from the readme as well. He’s in the Thalmor Headquarters, in Solitude.


More followers? Right? Yes, more followers. They’re crawling out of the bloody woodwork, and I only have myself to blame!

Today we have Brave Mustaine’s Wezaleff! No-one’s quite sure whether she’s a black mage, or a void, or something else entirely, but personally, I think she looks like a black mage. One thing that is certain is that coffin on her back has her oldest friend in it. I… really didn’t want ask what state her friend is in.

Wez is about knee high (okay, chest height) and a pure mage. She’s a pretty powerful little munchkin, so be careful she doesn’t set you on fire by accident. In the event that she does, she carries a small few potions as an apology.

She’s been loaded with a bunch of different spells which she should use varying strengths of at different levels, but in the interest of not being ridiculously OP, her max level spells are actually gimped versions of the real ones. Don’t tell her that though…

Download | Screenshots

Enjoy your little mage!


Too Many Lilims


Welp, it’s Lilim 2.0. The last and most painful to be updated, for so many reasons. The changelog is pretty big. First of all, I’ve updated her skin textures to what I’m currently using, which is actually 90% my own orignal texture work. I’ve updated her eyes. I’ve updated her body to UNPCM 2.0. I’ve updated her head to her high poly mesh, with those pillow lips.

Then there’s the other thing. There are now TWO Lilim mods. You see, I figure, there are a lot of people out there who perhaps like the Lilim versions in the Lilim 1.2 version, so instead of just up and replacing them all with more recent Lilim versions, I updated Lilim 1.2 with the Lilim 2.0 files, and in so doing, it became Legacy Lilim. Then, I made a completely separate mod, which will work alongside the first, or on its own, whatever you prefer, with all the more recent versions of Lilim, and I called that one Crisis Lilim, because honestly, that’s what it’s starting to feel like when you have 8 possible Lilims… too many Lilims.

What you ought to know about this release? 1: UNINSTALL AND CLEAN THE OLD VERSION OUT FIRST. Just do it. It’s for the best. 2: I have fixed the common bug where you end up with all the Lilims following you around. At least I hope I fixed it. The basic mod no longer comes with her full textures, so those of you with weaker GPUs can still run her, but as with all my other followers, she has a HQ texture set on offer.

Anyway, now she’s been updated, and that makes my final follower update… or does it? We’ll see.

Crisis Lilim | Legacy Lilim | High Res Textures | Screenshots


Meara Follower

More third party followers! This time it’s Yukikaze’s Meara!

in this update, Meara switches over to UNPCM and get a number of neat little optimisations and some slight outfit changes.

She also continues to be a cutie.

Download | Screenshots

Also, over on the Wanako Works page there have been updates to Miria and Zawadi, so be sure to check those out too, if you haven’t already!