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Once More

More conversions. Another 3 this time.

First is Eiries’ Dungeon Explorer, which is a mashup I loved in Oblivion, and converted over to Skyrim to UNPB originally. This time I’ve converted it to UNPCM, and also modularised it, so you can use it in conjuction with other module things like craftwear, or Kirin.

Also fizz/fizz99’s Ghost Suit from Fallout. Actually, it’s only v3, because that’s the only one I converted for myself, but I decided to throw it up here for others to enjoy.

Lastly is Stealthic Khaos’ Ocean’s Allure. I’ve had this one sitting on my hard drive since MARCH. I asked Stealthic for permissions to convert it months ago, and then immediately did it… and then proceeded to completely forget I’d done it and not release it. So there it is now.

Dungeon Explorer: Download | Screenshots
Ghost Suit: Download | Screenshots | Requirement | fizz’ Blog
Ocean’s Allure: Download | Screenshots | Requirement



New Threads

Some new clothing for UNPCM. I’ve been doing a lot of incomplete conversions for myself just recently, but I thought everyone should benefit from that, so I decided to release them all.

First is an update for Kanrax2’s antique dress, more specifically that it’s now more of the collection it was when he made it. I’ve added some new shoes, and 2 more of the dresses. I also added the cape, but uhh… you probably want to avoid that. When I say I failed at doing a good job, I’m not joking around. I’m so sorry.

Second is Ryk’s Swimwear. Ryk had a really awesome, effing massive swimwear mod for Oblivion. While I haven’t even come close to converting the full set, I have converted 4 of my favourites. They can be found in an urn sticking out of the wall when you coc qasmoke.

Last is the KURESE Collection. Which is basically me dumping all my single and part conversions into 1 esp file. This is only for KURESE’s Oblivion mods. Any Skyrim mods I convert will be converted in full and as individual mods. Right now the collection contains moonlight, the nightie, and the cami from r18pn 02 Lingerie, the complete Kirin armour set, and the Mizugi, which I merged in. You can delete the standalone version of that. This will replace it. Read the readme for details on how to get them.

Kanrax2 Antique Dress Set: Download | Screenshots | Requirement
Ryk’s Swimwear: Download | Screenshots
KURESE Collection: Download | Screenshots | Requirement



Motto Motto

More conversions. More and more conversions. All of the conversions.

I’ll start with the vanilla conversions pack. Bear in mind I started this literally a few hours ago, so it’s only got a couple of outfits in it right now. I will slowly update it bit by bit until I’ve converted all vanilla outfits. For now, the starter pack is just prisoner rags and all 3 types of Imperial. Also be aware that a lot of the skirts are going to clip, in the pack, because I chose to weight them to the legs and not the skirt bones. Reason being, I happen to make a lot of poses, I don’t know if you guys knew that or not, and I don’t pose the skirt bones, so if I weighted the skirts to skirt bones, you’d end up with them going stiff as a board, and it ain’t pretty. Anyway:

Download | Screenshots

After that, I’ve been focussing on getting some of the UNPC outfits over to UNPCM, because they’re good outfits, and fairly quick to convert, due to the similarities in body shape. Particularly noteworthy is that I finally converted a personal favourite of mine, Leather Thief, by Aradia from the LoberLab forums. That thing has tens of thousands of polys, but it’s a damn nice outfit. Be warned of some mild clipping around the armpits though. Due to the particularly massive amount of polys, weighting is a little difficult with Bethesda’s poor choice of bind poses.

Aradia Leather Thief

Leather Thief, by Aradia. For those of you who like to keep your butt in view. See Aradia’s other works, here.

Download | Screenshots

BloodFree Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter by BloodFree (aka jmenaru). Fixed those noodle fingers on the gloves.

Download | Screenshots | Requirement

BloodFree Alyn Shir

Alyn Shir armor by BloodFree (jmenaru).

Download | Screenshots | Requirement

Hentai Karliah Armor 2

Karliah Armor 2 by Hentai.

Download | Screenshots | Requirement

Enjoy your new conversions!


Flemeth Armour

Still not done!

I know right? What’s going on. Actual UNPCM support? Crazy.

This one’s a bit unusual, because I generally don’t like to post ported content from other games, but I just love Flemeth’s armour so much, when I spotted that bastardisation claiming to be “Morrigan’s Armor” floating around, I felt the urge to fix it up and make it what it should be. So here it is for UNPCM.

Warning about this one is that it could vanish at any time, because if I get a lovely C&D email, you bet your ass I will comply. I don’t feel like getting sued for an armour port.

DA2 Flemeth Armor

A port of Flemeth’s armor from Dragon Age 2. This one may disappear at any time, since if I receive a C&D, I will comply.

Download |

That’s all now. Nothing else today.


Castanic Heavy 15 Black

So, next post. This is in fact another number for UNPCM, but it gets its own post because I ported it myself directly from TERA. I don’t know if it’s been ported by anyone else before, but it’s 100% standalone and not a conversion from someone else’s port.

It’s my personal favourite heavy armour from the game, so I converted it for Sinestra forever ago. I recently converted it down to UNPCM, and now I’m releasing it properly.

TERA Castanic Heavy 15 Black

A standalone black version of the tier 11 Castanic Heavy armour from the MMORPG TERA. Requires HDT High Heels.

Download | Screenshots | Requirement



Conversions and Updates

Been hard at work today to keep some new UNPCM stuff coming. Give you guys more to use. Make the body a little more worthwhile.

I figured a good way to deliver some new conversions pretty quickly was to bring over some of the UNPC conversions. So here are some pretty popular outfits that yuo guys might appreciate:

Hentai Maxi

Maxi by Hentai (zotman12). Supports weight slider. Requires:

Download | Screenshots | Requirement

BloodFree Seraphine

Seraphine armor by BloodFree (jmenaru).

Download | Screenshots | Requirement

AmethystDeceiver Black Sacrament

Black Sacrament by AmethystDeceiver.

Download | Screenshots | Requirement

On top of that, I’ve also updated the following to UNPCM 2.0:

BloodFree Scarlet Dawn: Download
UNPCM Mix: Download

If you’re downloading Scarlet Dawn for the first time, remember to grab the requirement too.

Also, someone spotted a couple of minor derps in Hostess, which I have now fixed.

Hostess: Download

Enjoy your conversions!



And so, finally, something a little special to finish out the day. To commemorate my 200 followers on tumblr, I rustled together a fully working version of this little number. It’s 2 parts mash up, 2 parts original work, 1 part too many fucking polys. By which I mean, some of the work is original, some of it is from other modders, and it’s all got far too many polys, but I wanted to release something for my 200 followers.

To give credit where credit is due, the shirt, and belly ring were made 100% by me, the boots are from Neovinci’s Christie armour from Oblivion, the panties are from anano’s panties mod, and the gloves started life as Bethesda’s arm wraps and then I brutalised them into an excessively poly counted mess.

The mod requires HDT High Heels. Don’t be afraid. HDT High Heels doesn’t bite.

Download | Screenshots | Requirement



YES. I HAVE UPDATED UNPCM AGAIN EVEN THOUGH I SAID I WOULDN’T. The good news is, I am announcing this as the final version. Whatever’s wrong with it now, it’s nothing I can fix. I’ve reweighted the body, I remirrored it, I’ve mirrored the weights, I’d fixed the seams. It’s the best I can do.

With this release also comes the introduction of my high poly hands and feet as a standard part of the install. HOWEVER, I have included the old feet and hands for those of you who have performance issues to deal with. You can find the same toenail resources included in the mod files, if you need them.

For anyone worrying what this means for compatibility, the LOOK of the body hasn’t changed. As usual the changes are all under the hood things like vertex opitimisations and improved weighting. As a result, the older conversions are not suddenly going to not look like UNPCM any more. However, they might not fit together without clipping. In spite of it not being a big issue, I WILL be slowly updating all the existing outfits to bring them in line, and you can rest assured I will mention them on the front page, so you know what outfits to update.

But that’s not all!

I’ve already updated some outfits, so these are the ones you’ll want to reinstall right now:

Kanra’s Antique Clothes: Download
KURESE’s Mizugi: Download
N8k’s Black Wisteria (and I fixed that damn typo too): Download
newermind’s Light Elven Armor: Download

Friendly reminder that if you didn’t already have these installed, you’ll want to grab the requirements too. Also worth noting is that I updated these BEFORE I had finalised the high poly hands and feet, so not all of them have high poly hands. It’s not a big deal, please don’t come complaining about it. I won’t be updating old ones to use high poly hands either, just the newer body.

But wait, there’s still more! You didn’t think I’d come out with a new version of the body without delivering some new conversions, did you? Should I stop sounding like an informerical now? Probably.

AerySoul’s Huntress/Elven Strapped

Best know as “Apachii’s Huntress”. Standalone conversion from Oblivion, now for UNPCM. Screenshots are of the UNPB version.

Download | Screenshots

dikr Bouncy Bodices Booties Belts Stockings

dikr’s bouncy bodices and booties mod, including all recolours.

Download | Screenshots | Requirement

Hentai LiLi

LiLi by Hentai. Standalone full conversion from TES4: Oblivion with full slider support. Now for UNPCM. Screenshots are of UNPC version.

Download | Screenshots

MAK07, Hentai Mixed Armor

The mixed armor mash up by MAK07, converted for UNPCM. Check the readme for the requirements. Screenshots are of the UNPC version.

Download | Screenshots

KURESE r18pn Lingerie

KURESE’s lingerie set, converted for UNPCM, with additional standalone chokers.

Download | Screenshots | Requirement

Okay, so there’s your conversions, but I’m still not done. I also have THIS:

Ebony Armour Remodels

A couple of remodels of the vanilla ebony armour. Craftable at the nearest forge, and fully upgradable. I highly recommend aMidianBorn’s ebony retexture to really bring these to life.

Download | Screenshots | Recommended

RIGHT. OKAY. I hope you’re happy! Ah, these conversions also have earlier versions of the high poly hands. Again, don’t bitch. I won’t care.

I will soon be starting a project to convert vanilla armours, slowly but surely, as well as updating other existing conversions to the new body weights, and continuing other conversions.


Lethal Majesty

I know it’s a little odd for me to release a single conversion like this, but I actually converted this one with the other batch. I was simply waiting on permissions, which I have now received.

This is Sinblood’s Lethal Majesty from Oblivion. A couple of things to note. 1: I couldn’t get the gloves to fit around the Skyrim hands properly, so the gloves have no alpha, unless you like having no hands under your gloves. 2: The cape is weighted to the skirt bones, as you might expect. I’m just warning you that if you use an animation replacer with no skirt animation, it’s going to look like cardboard. However, there is salvation to be found. You don’t have to wear it with the rest. :)

Download | Screenshots