Brave Mustaine


Safinia Fortuna Follower

A noble shield-user that tames bears and is an all around badass despite how short she is!
She’s a terribly awkward girl for her upbringing, but damned if she’s not going to try her best to adventure with you
so she can get out there and see the world! After all, living cooped up in one spot all your life is just so terribly dreadful.

(Note: May not actually tame bears for you. You’re on your own for that one.)

She can be found in Understone Keep, just outside the throne room.

There are 2 versions in ths archive. Compressed and uncompressed. The compressed version will save you a good 150mb of VRAM, but obviously, it looks worse. The uncompressed version has all of the original, highest quality files.

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Ermalda Albarian Follower

She’s a redhead, a drunkard, usually an archer, the ONE TRUE GM of TESGW, and a shitty accountant.
Oh, and she’s out and about looking for the best ingredients in the world to make the ultimate booze,
while running from the law after accidentally shooting most of her family after exhibiting her ‘archery skills’ while inebriated.
she also look a shit

There are 2 versions in the archive. One has a bsa with compressed texture, for low-mid end machines, the other has a bsa with uncompressed textures, for high end machines.

She’s found in the Braidwood Inn over in Kynesgrove.

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A black mage – or a void girl, you pick – that fell through an interdimensional rift
and decided to just go ahead and have adventures in whatever world she ended
up in, like this one!
She’s totally magic based so make sure you give her plenty of magicka potions.
Also, that coffin she carries has her one and only friend from her interdimensional
travels in it! How fun!

She’s found in Elgrim’s Elixirs in Riften.

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  1. SICKLE October 15, 2014 5:50 am 

    AWESOME!!! What can I say three girls kicking ass in Skyrim why not?! :3

  2. Zargak March 11, 2015 6:00 am 

    Wezaleff reminds me of the character Kuro from Shoulder a coffin.

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