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Aether Suite v3.9.0

Well, it’s been a heck of a couple of months for me. My PC died, and so did my C drive with an awful lot of my work in progress data. However, since I got my new PC up and running, I’ve been working on an AS update. Usually I only release these at Christmas, but I’m feeling pretty thankful for the people who’ve donated to me since my PC blew up. Thanks to them, I’ve managed to pay back a portion of what my new PC cost. So instead of letting this sit around until Christmas, I decided to release it now, and I’ll just have to work a little harder on the Christmas update this year.

Here’s the changelog:

  • Added Haru’s Aethernet Dash – Accessible from Haru’s Apartment Bedroom.
  • Added Kana’s Aethernet Dash – Accessible from Eve Residence.
  • Added Sawa’s Apartment – Accessible from Yanabayashi Park.
  • Added A E S T H E T I C – Accessible from The Last Man Standing Residence Bedroom Computer.
  • Added Duplicated Space – Accessible from Celty’s Apartment Computer.
  • Now I realise it doesn’t sound like much, but I can assure you, the last 2 areas are a lot to play with, and regarding Duplicated Space, make sure you explore and find out what’s really there.

    A quick reminder that all clothing for the AS is female only and designed for the UNPCM body.

    Here’s the download: Download

    Happy screenshooting!


    1. kattskinner May 11, 2019 12:54 am  Reply

      Thank you again!!

    2. taepal77 May 11, 2019 4:53 pm  Reply

      Thank you all the time. :D

    3. Momber May 14, 2019 11:03 am  Reply

      What a pleasant surprise. Thank you very much indeed!

    4. Rayne Brimstone May 15, 2019 6:39 pm  Reply

      Amazing work as always

    5. Oleg May 19, 2019 12:56 pm  Reply

      I am very sorry for not have money sometimes even at myself so can’t properly thank you,but when I have in abundance, I will not forget Halo!

      my English is bad it’s auto translation

      • Halofarm May 19, 2019 1:08 pm  Reply

        Don’t worry about it. I’m glad you enjoyed the update.

    6. ImNotAnAsshole May 19, 2019 11:38 pm  Reply

      Awesome, thank you!

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