Aether Suite 0.1.5 – Konkai wa chigau

Aether Suite v0.1.5

A small Aether Suite update. Nothing big this time, just enough that I felt it was worth making a public update.

Here’s the changelog:

    -Changed the school courtyard and wall textures again. This time they’re actually nice.
    -Relit the Red Robin en suite. The lighting is now more… sensual?
    -Added 7 new “back rooms”. All the teleporters can be found in the same place as before. There’s just more of them now.

I should probably stop the Japanese title naming…

Also, just reiterating my request for donations, for anyone who might not have seen. Not a big deal if you can’t donate. Would just be nice to get a little help with the server for a few months.

Download is on the right as usual —–>


P.S. To get the best results with all these rooms with lots of glass block walls etc, I recommend you try this mod: HDT Ordering Independant Transparency.
It’s a proxy library for ENB which basically makes overlapping transparent objects work as they should. I don’t recommend it for normal play, because it has bugs of its own, but it’s an essential for taking pics in places like Knox or the back rooms. If you have weird problems with the newest version, there are a number of older versions which may work better for you. I personally still use the original version, because it gives the best results.

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