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Aether Suite

I know right? Another update. This one is a little bigger and less of a joke than last time though. It’s not just me getting bored and slapping some new roo- Wait… No that’s exactly what it is, but I did it in an interesting new way!

So in this update, I’ve fixed a number of little things, bugs, some of which I introduced with my hasty refurbishment of the photo studio entrances. My bad.

-All of the various Photo Studio entrance halls are now 90% less fucked up.
-I’ve fixed the lighting in the set rooms and stopped some of that nasty texture popping you were probably seeing.
-I’ve fixed some typos in the Knox notes.
-Restored some missing scripts from the previous version (possibly all Aether Suite versions?) including the Velvet Room moving shadow script and the audio log playback script.
-Changed the floor and some of the walls in the lobby. It’s a little less garish now.

Then there’s the big one.

-Added the Red Robin Lounge.

The Red Robin Lounge is a new area. It was an experiment to see if I could make something fun out of my pre-existing assets. As it turns out, I could. I’ve tested and retested it and as far as I can tell it’s CTD free (the original version which I scrapped was an inexplicable mess of CTDs). You’ll find the entrance in the lobby, same as all the others.

Incidentally, I’d just like to once again reiterate: This is a screenshooting location, right? That means you take your character there and take pretty pictures. If you want NPCs, you can bring your own. MOST of the rooms are navmeshed (I still haven’t navmeshed the new photo studio rooms because I am a scrublord and totally forgot to, again) and fully follower compatible. The new lounge is included in that. If you want to see something made out of the assets because you’re not happy with the nature of my mod, I encourage you to do so. GLArt recently released a total conversion called Virus which has massive portions made from my assets.

Is that all? I think that’s all. Download on the right, as always >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



  1. Phnx March 25, 2014 6:49 pm  Reply

    Gahhh, I always see gorgeous shots of this incredible location but I’ve never been there yet. I must really try that mod sometime! :)

  2. TJHammersmith April 2, 2014 12:31 pm  Reply

    Love this mod – would love to see the city “Become High King of Skyrim” in this style, but I know that’s just a pipedream.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. mr, skyrim April 2, 2014 9:27 pm  Reply

    ey man this mod really deserves a quest, deserves much. something else take a companion to aether suite and when I returned from the academy, she stays and can not get out of the academy, will be a bug?

    • Halofarm April 2, 2014 9:57 pm  Reply

      For now, you can still fast travel from the academy. If you fast travel from the academy, your follower will follow you.
      There are a few follower related bugs which I can’t seem to fix. Followers won’t go through some of the doors as well.

  4. mr, skyrim April 2, 2014 11:24 pm  Reply

    Like mod is still an incredible friend, thanks for doing that, I imagine your mod with some darkness you know as a school of terror.

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