A Little Clarification

Since I moved my mods off of the nexus, some weeks ago now, I’ve seen a gradual build up of assumption and misinformation relating to the subject. Aside from the fact that I didn’t even realise it was a subject worth talking about, I’ve noticed a great deal of the things I’ve seen are wrong.

Part of that is my own fault, since my opening post here seems to have given the impression somewhat that I had “ragequit” the nexus. This is not the case.

I was pretty content to ignore the matter, but I was recently linked to this little gem: http://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/935775-orkreload-formal-warning-issued/

In the link I noted that the mod who issued this warning was under the impression that the user in question a: didn’t have permission to upload my files and b: I have expressly forbidden the uploading of my files to the nexus. Neither of these things are true.

First, I’ll say that this is my current, and likely permanent permissions message:

You have my full permission to reuse any part of my original material in your own mods. You also have my full permission to redistribute and reupload my mods. Just make sure you give me credit.

Also, and this part is very important: YOU MAY DISREGARD ANY NOTE IN MY READMES PROHIBITING UPLOAD TO SKYRIM NEXUS. You ARE ALLOWED to upload mods to Skyrim nexus, no matter what the mod is. I would, however, recommend caution in your choices, since some mods may contain things which can’t be uploaded there due to nexus rules, and not my own distribution permissions.

And for further clarification, that message means you can upload any version of any mod I have made, and I will not take issue with it. Once it’s on your PC, it’s yours to do with as you will. All I ask is a little credit.

On top of all of that, orkreload even asked permission personally.


Outside of that, I wanted to clear up some things about why I made my own mod blog. My first post here was mostly meant in a light hearted tone. I didn’t ragequit the nexus in any way. I simply decided to move my mods and all my work to a single repository. The reason for this is that I have a large number of mods, and I was only able to host a portion of them on the nexus, and I also didn’t keep them all up to date, for one reason or another. I felt the urge to consolidate all my work in one single place, where rules and regulations didn’t inhibit my choice of files to upload.

Finally, relating to loremongering etc. while it did contribute to my choice to move to an out of the way blog, it was more to avoid unnecessary confrontations. As I said in my first post here, if someone has come to this blog, it’s because they want to look at my mods, and not because my mods got in the way of their browsing pleasure. It seemed like the ideal solution to all my issues, and that’s what instigated the move.

Hopefully, for anyone who was unsure, or who had misunderstood my reasons, this will clear some things up, and will also prevent unwarranted punishment on the nexus, in future.

And now that srsfaec post is done, I will go and mod something!



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