55% and Counting


One thing I’ve discovered after all this posing is that it gets progressively more difficult to make pose sets. At the beginning, the process was easy enough. I mean, there was no such thing as a pose mod for Skyrim when I started out, so I had a completely blank slate to work with.


At this point, I’ve created over 700 different poses. It’s not that the inspiration is getting slim, it’s that I’ve done a wide variety of different poses (at least in my main area of interest, which is the pinups set) and the wider the variety of pose, the more difficult it is to find poses I can actually make. The Skyrim skeleton is just the most recent in a long line of good examples of Bethesda not really putting much work into their character model rigging. It’s stiff, and it either needs twice as many bones, or a ridiculously high poly mesh with absolutely artful weighting.


In the end, a good 50% of the more kawaii, or more complex poses I want to make are impossible. It’s a pretty rough situation, considering one of my main endeavours in Skyrim modding is poses, poses and more poses.

That said, here’s another small update for those of you who are always looking for that one more pose.


Once again, this WILL NOT WORK without the main package installed, and since this is a new poser alpha as well as a PUPEX3 update, remember to run FNIS before loading it up.

Lastly, PUPEX3 is now up to number 210. DPoser is only up to pose 7. Don’t start leaving comments about missing poses.

Enjoy your alpha!



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