Monthly Archives: March 2019

I didn’t really want to be asking for donations so soon, but my PC has completely died. I’m stuck with an ancient laptop as my only computing device at the moment.

If anyone has a few euros to spare to help me replace it, I’d appreciate it. Of course, no need to help if you don’t want to.

Thanks for your time.

EDIT: Since apparently we have some cynics in our midst, to be clear, my motherboard is fried. My machine is 8 years old. The main parts are no longer in good condition. The RAM doesn’t always work properly. I have chosen to replace the core parts (mobo, CPU, and RAM) because I can’t keep dragging the old one around any more. I will be using parts from the old one which are still in good condition, and I have already paid for replacements by getting a small loan. This post was put here simply because I’d like to pay that loan back.

The situation is fine and if literally no one wants to help, that’s fine too.