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Aether Suite v0.2.7.0

Here we are again. The ever expanding Aether Suite has expanded some more, though this release isn’t just about expansion.

There are a couple of big things about this release, and it was tough for me to actually decide which was actually of greater importance. Either way, it’s all important in the scheme of things!

Here’s your changelog:

  • Added the nightmare. Accessed via a small apartment through one of the doors in the Red Robin Plaza.
  • Overhauled the main area of Arclite Community College, and partially overhauled the club building. Roughly 75% of the main area has been rebuilt from the ground up, using a newly made tileset.
  • Some small tweaks have been made in a few places in Knox.
  • Now I know, that doesn’t look like much. It’s only a list of 3 things. However, the nightmare is a linear series of cells, which I actually recommend you PLAY start to end before you think about using them to take any kind of pictures. It’s the only part of the Aether Suite so far with any kind of a linear drive to it. It’s about a 30 minute experience. Could be 20 if you’re lucky and also miss out on some stuff. Could be an hour, if you’re very unlucky. It’s very much inspired by some of my favourite horror game experiences. I don’t want to say too much about it, because I think too much foreknowledge might ruin the experience. What I will say though is don’t miss the torch. Some of you might have light spells or vanilla torches sitting around, but that torch is the best way to play it, preferably in first person, because third person seems to refuse to use torch anims, no matter what kind of crazy things I do to work around it.

    The school, on the other hand, if I’ve done my job right, no one should even think anything has changed, except for a subtle improvement in overall quality. I made a completely new tileset for the shell of the college. New walls. The old walls and the college in general was built when I was just starting to get to know the CK and its quirks. As a result it was plagued with little holes in the walls, floors, and ceilings, and some not very well made tiles, or tiles that didn’t even fit properly into the grid, such as the stairwells, which were bloody awful. The point of my overhaul was not to alter the school, but just to fix all of its inherent problems. I made completely new stairwells which are MUCH nicer. I optimised a lot of the way the building is designed. The new tiles all fit nicely into a 64 unit grid and slot together like lego, so there should be no tiny gaps in the walls, or under the windows, or next to the doors. All in all, it should just FEEL better to be in.

    Anyway, enough with my rambling.


    This warning is not a joke. I had to apologise to one of my testers because they had quite a severe reaction and couldn’t actually finish testing the mod. It goes as much for this mod as it does for any psychological horror game.

    And here’s the download link: Download


    P.S. A MASSIVE thank you to donators! The original donation request didn’t actually get much attention, so when I made my second one, I didn’t really keep track of its progress, but the response was massive! Not only did I get enough to cover the few summer months I was originally aiming for, there’s enough money in the server pot now to cover the next TEN months. The donation button will remain, but now anyone donating is basically just buying me ice cream (or games? Or a newer, less cruddy GPU?), so seriously, unless you really specifically want to donate, there’s no need.


    So we had HTongues, now it’s time for HFeet. I might not be able to make you poses which pose the toes, but I can damn sure give you a few pre-posed feet to have fun with!

    So what is this? It’s basically the same kind of thing as HTongues. Equippable stuff for screenshooting purposes. These are some cutely posed feet to equip when you’re doing a pose you think they’d look good in.

    There are 5 types to choose from, left foot, right foot, or both feet at once. Sadly, you can’t mix and match, because fuck Skyrim, that’s why. The mechanics of that turned out to be either impossible, or you’d end up stuck with about 60 equippable foot meshes. Sorry to say they’re FEMALE ONLY. So only waifus get cute toes.

    Anyway, you’ll find these in a little barrel on the sharpening wheel in QAsmoke. Happy toes!

    Download | Screenshots


    P.S. Blah blah donations server summer costs etc.

    High Poly Hands and Feet v2

    Ta-daaaa. So I’ve been working on these babies for a little while. There’s quite a lot in this update, so I’m gonna put it in handy bullet format for you.

  • Added compatibility for bombshell based 7B body types
  • Added XPMSE foot types, weighted to toe bones. These versions are generally weighted better, even if you don’t have animations which animate the toes. I recommend them over the non-XPMSE ones, as long as you have XPMSE installed.
  • Merged the nails on both the hands and feet. This is for compatibility with racemenu overlays, amongst other things.
  • Made the feet a little thinner at the front to appear slightly more feminine.
  • Reweighted non-XPMSE foot types as well, similarly to XPMSE types, but without the extra toes, so the weights are more basic.
  • Combined toenail resources into main file. IF YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO USE THEM, THEN DON’T USE THEM.
  • And with that, here’s the link. Enjoy your new feet!

    Download | Screenshots


    P.S. Begging for donations for server for the summer etc. etc.

    More UNPCM Stuff

    Okay, so, more UNPCM stuff for the UNPCM library. Couple of conversions, and something which I personally am pretty damn happy about porting from Fallout 3.

    The conversions are Emfy Cleric and Tembtra Thief. More of those awesome mashups from everybody’s favourite masher upper.

    The new thing though, the port is Backsteppo’s PE Dress from Fallout 3. I’ve been eying this one for porting for a long time, and someone reminded me about it the other day, so I immediately jumped on it. I didn’t just port it though. Aside from the fact that the main dress clips like mad which makes it hard for screenshooting, I figured there was potential here for some cool variations, so I made them. I added some red and red and black colour variations, a mini version of the dress, and a matching version of petrovich’s high heels, for a little more choice in the heels.

    Emfy Cleric: Download | Screenshots | Requirement
    Tembtra Thief: Download | Screenshots | Requirement
    Backsteppo’s PE Dress: Download | Screenshots | Requirement



    P.S. Still begging for donations to cover the server for the summer months.

    Amulet of Stendarr

    Ran into this one the other day when I was transferring old stuff over to my new Skyrim install. It’s a high poly Amulet of Stendarr, with a nice texture mod by Eiries. Since it doesn’t really belong in any of my other mods, and it’s not meant for a specific body mod, I just figured I’d release it by itself.

    Also, it’s for BOTH genders. I know right? Me supporting males. Unbelievable.

    Download | Screenshots



    Okay, so this post is your run of the mill list of some new conversions.

    Added to the library this time, I’m pretty happy to announce we have a couple of the nsk13 mashups, which I think anybody would be happy to receive.

    Additions this time are:

  • nsk13’s Sotteta Necromancer Outfit
  • nsk13’s Merta Assassin Armor
  • Petrovich’s Simply Clothes (which I’ve been meaning to get done for MONTHS)
  • Sotteta: Download | Screenshots | Requirement
    Merta: Download | Screenshots | Requirement
    Simply Clothes: Download | Screenshots

    Have fun!


    UNPCM Stuff

    I know, it’s not a very inventive mod name, but it’s literally a mod made up of random stuff.

    So this is actually a small pile of random things I’ve either converted or made over the past year or so for UNPCM. I decided the pile had hit the kind of size that I wanted to release it publicly.

    Major sets include:

  • Fishnet outfit
  • Christmas outfit
  • Leather set
  • There are also other bits and bobs. See the screenshots for a better idea.

    I know the Christmas outfit (actually, it’s 2 Christmas outfits) is a bit useless right now, but hopefully it’ll be some use in 6 months time.

    Download | Screenshots | Requirement

    Have fun!



    Okay, it’s UNPCM time! Now usually I do this in one post with loads of stuff, but due to just deciding it’s too much for one post and having other reasons to split them up, I’ve decided to release the new conversions/outfits etc. in a few parts.

    So some of you might know these items from the Aether Suite (which will indeed be replaced with the new and improved UNPCM versions in its next update) and some of you might never have heard of these before.

    This mod contains 2 armour sets, both originally for UNPC.

    Set 1 is the Carbonised Putty set, which has stats and crafting requirements like regular ebony, and some of you fans of old school UNPC would recognise this as one of its very early original outfits. More like a remodel/retexture though.

    Set 2 is the Rubberised Catsuit set, which has stats and crafting requirements like basic leather, but with a jacket doubling up the cuirass defence, so it’s not as worthless as it sounds. This one was the Aether Suite’s first (and to date, only) original outfit, but it was cruddy, low poly, badly textures, and badly weighted. I’ve fixed ALL OF THOSE THINGS, except the bad weighting, because I kept trying and trying and those armpits DID NOT want to play nice, but it’s still better than it was before. On top of the massive improvement in the quality of the outfit, I’ve also separated out the jacket and the main catsuit, so if you’re not into mini-jackets, you can just simply not wear it and enjoy the rest of the outfit without it.

    So, without further ado, here’s the goods: Download | Screenshots




    Usually I wouldn’t put donation requests into their own post, especially since I HATE making posts without pretty images, but in this case, I decided to keep it compact, since the post will be stickied for the coming few weeks.