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Yes. I finally got time to get back to work on these. I started with the most requested first. Nim and Umbra have been added. I should note I will not be uploaded legacy versions of them, so if you don’t like how they look now… well tough, really. I also updated Breezy with her spanking new textures. These ones are much much nicer, and PROPERLY seamless.

I’m not gonna guarantee releasing a follower every day until I’m done, but I do have plans to release quite a few more over the coming weeks. Not all of my characters will be on offer (because there are some characters that I don’t want to make into followers), but about 2/3 of them will make it to the character followers page over the next 3 weeks, so keep your eyes open for those.

Oh, and I should say, for anyone updating from the ancient versions I had on here before, make sure you clean them out completely, because these ones have a totally different setup.

Nim: Download
Umbra: Download
Breezy: Download Follower | Download Textures



P.S. I found out that the texture switch didn’t stick on some of the parts of kato that I released yesterday, so I made a quick fix. If you care, you can hop on over to the UNPCM page and redownload it.

UNPCM Thingies

So, in my spare moments, I’ve still been converting bits and bobs. I know everyone’s expecting followers, and work on those will start likely this Saturday, since I’m going to be on holiday by then. For now, I’ve got a few conversions, and conversion updates to offer up.

The first update is Sinblood’s Lethal Majesty, which I updated to UNPCM 2.0, and made work like it should work. The gloves now have proper alpha so you can see the lovely patterns like you always should have been able to. The high heels are also now HDT high heels, so the look right. The skirt/cape also now has 3 options. The first version is the original, weighted to the skirt bones. The second is weighted to the khajiit tail. Honestly, this didn’t make much difference, since the khajiit tail anims are crap anyway. The third is HDT enabled. YOU DO NOT NEED HDT PHYSICS EXTENSIONS OR HDT TAILS INSTALLED TO USE THE MOD, ONLY IF YOU WANT CAPE V3 TO WORK RIGHT. Well, as right as it can. I was lazy. I used one of the HDT tails to weight it to. It’s not very good, but it’s leagues better than the other 2 cardboard options. Like I said though, you DO NOT require HDT physics or HDT tails to use anything except cape v3. If you’re happy with not HDT capes, or just want to wear it without the cape you can do so without issue.

The second update is just an update for Aradia’s Kato from UNPCM 1.0 to 2.0. I also added HDT High Heels to the high heels on this one, so the mod now requires HDT High Heels. I actually removed the combined parts for this one. I personally just found it annoying having “complete” pieces which are exactly the same as the separate pieces.

The first new conversion is Petrovich’s high heels. I’ve had this one half converted for weeks. I finally got to converting the rest. It’s also standalone, since I’ve made it so all the customised parts don’t interfere with the original high heels mod, because I made up a different stockings mesh and added an extra ultra thigh high version of the boots. Obviously, this one also requires HDT High Heels.

The second new conversion is another of Sinblood’s outfits from Oblivion, called Velvet Rose. It’s just a sexy lingerie set I happened to be quite fond of back in the day which I decided I wanted to see in Skyrim. No requirements for this one. 100% standalone.


Lethal Majesty: Download | Screenshots | Requirement
Requirements to make Cape v3 work: HDT Physics Extensions | HDT Tails Wearable

Kato: Download | Screenshots | Requirement

High Heels: Download | Screenshots | Requirement

Velvet Rose: Download | Screenshots

Enjoy your stuff!