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So, I know I usually drop a small pile of conversions at once, but I don’t have a small pile to drop, and I thought folks would appreciate this one sooner than later.

Vicn’s Yharnyam Hunter Armor. It’s really detailed and beautiful, so I naturally wanted to get it onto UNPCM. Not that I’ve played Bloodborne, but that doesn’t stop the outfit being fantastic.

UNPCM version has a custom esp for full weight slider and separate boots/gloves for females.

Download | Screenshots | Requirement



Halo's Poser S 1.0

That title is scary right? Like, WHAT IS HAPPENING. Well, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that the pinups poses are gone.

This update has NO NEW POSES though.

I realised yesterday evening that I’d released over 2000 poses for Skyrim now, and that Halo’s Poser officially had more poses than the original Pinup Poser, so I decided it was time for a little update and overhaul.

I’m pulling a bit of a Gabe here, and releasing something a bit experimental that I have no idea if anyone wants or needs, just because I think in my infinite wisdom it might be an improvement, but actually it’s going to break a lot of stuff. I am aware that this will break some of the poser related utilities out there, but none of the developers of those utlities have ever sent me so much as a how-do-you-do, so I have no means by which to ensure their stuff can keep up to date. I apologise for that, but the big deal here is that I wanted to clean up the mess of folders and behavior files, which no doubt by merely being split up like that contribute to the CTD on load a lot of folks have to deal with.

So what did I actually do? Here’s the important information:

  • Merged Halo’s Poser and Pinup Poser into a single Halo’s Poser.esp
  • Merged all Pinup Poser behaviors into a single PinupPoser behavior file, and all Pinup Poser animations into a single PinupPoser animations folder.
  • Merged all Halo’s Poser behaviors into a single HalosPoser behavior file, and all Halo’s Poser animations into a single HalosPoser animations folder.
  • Named all Pinups objects in-game to reflect which poser they originally came from.
  • Maybe eventually I’ll figure out how to put all this stuff into a single menu in-game as well, but don’t hold your breath. I’m sure other mods (like showposemenu or that kooky MCM version of the mod) will soon update to support the new setup anyway.

    I have tested all the different modules and they’re all working exactly as they should be.

    The SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING ABOUT THIS CHANGE is that you MUST UNINSTALL THE OLD VERSIONS OF BOTH POSERS. If you didn’t install them with a mod manager, there’s a list of folders and files you need to remove in the readme, at the bottom. It looks worse than it is.

    I’ve given Public Poser the same treatment, so anyone making use of it might want to look closely at how to place their files from now on.

    Dragonporn, if you could maybe help out the Japanese users with how to get this new version installed, that would be great. :D

    Here’s the Halo’s Poser download: Download
    And the new version of Public Poser, as well:

    Hope you enjoy the fixes! And again, sorry to those of you who have to completely overhaul your mod to make it work right.


    EDIT: Would help if the link was to the new file. Link fixed. You’ll want to redownload if you hadn’t already.

    Aether Suite v0.2.5.2

    Okay, so this isn’t a big update, but I wanted to drop something more to help reassure folks that EVERYTHING IS OKAY and that paid mods aren’t going to affect anything over here.

    I’ve added a couple of little things and changed something big, but pointless, and wanted to get it out to the public.


  • Added RAMEN’s Bedroom, which can be found in Red Robin Plaza
  • Added Arbelle’s Bedroom, which can be found in Red Robin Plaza
  • Added RAMEN’s Aethernet Dashboard, which can be accessed via RAMEN’s PC
  • Added Arbelle’s Aerhernet Dashbpoard, which can be accessed via Arbelle’s PC in her bedroom (not her office PC)
  • Overhauled the “lore”. I’ve now integrated everything so it makes sense in the AS universe. Except the fact you can take aethernet things into the “real world”, but let’s just pretend we didn’t notice?
  • Lots of little behind the scenes tweaks, like fixing some of the textures, improving the mip mapping, switching texture types to prevent ugly colour artifacting. That sort of thing.
  • I’m sure you were all hoping for something much bigger, but I don’t have too much free time right now, and I’ve been working on stuff like that huge update I just made to the poser and all those followers I released a couple of weeks back.

    Enjoy the little update!



    P.S. They’ve reached their goal, but if haven’t signed this yet, you should. The number can only benefit from increasing: Petition to remove paid content from skyrim’s steam workshop

    Halo's Poser 6.5

    As the modocalypse is upon us, and the modding world is busy infighting over whether or not paid mods are a good idea (they are fucking not) I’ve noticed an awful lot of people have been too busy freaking out about how their favourite pastime is tumbling down to get ANY WAIFAN DONE.

    Don’t forget your waifus.

    I’m here to help. Never fear. Halo’s Poser 6.5 is here, FOR FREE, and only on Halo’s Mods (or anywhere else you can find it reuploaded).

    What’s new?

  • Completed Halo’s Poser 8
  • Added and completed Halo’s Poser 9
  • Added and completed Halo’s Poser 10
  • Added Halo’s Poser 11, the first 12 poses
  • Added 9 more poses to the object poser. RAMEN’s Guitar poses.
  • Take this offering, make beautiful screenshots with waifus (or just really pretty husbandos). Forget about the fact that those you supported are currently trying to drain you of every last penny!


    Don’t forget, to run FNIS, which is ALSO FREE!


    P.S. If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t signed this yet, you should: Petition to remove paid content from skyrim’s steam workshop

    I will never ask money for my mods, and they will never be hosted on steam workshop.

    I will continue to request donations when I need them, as I have been doing, to cover my server costs, so that anyone who feels it’s worthwhile to help, and that has the money to do so, can give me a hand. Even if not enough people, or no one donates, the server will always still be paid for.

    My mods are free. Mods should be free. Asking people for money for mods goes completely against the whole grain of the sharing ideal of modding communities, and I think it’s an awful thing to do. I think what Bethesda and Valve have decided to do is pretty shameful, and I just hope they see the error of their ways when they see what an insane mess it’s going to cause.

    Also wanted to mention, my “free to use or reupload” policy does not include for profit. If you’re making a for-profit mod, you may not use anything from my mods. If you’re reuploading my mods, you may not charge money for them.

    Thanks for all your support over the years, everyone.


    Public Poser

    So, I’ve been noticing more and more recently that people are making custom poses but not making their own esps. Whether that’s because of laziness or not being able to figure out how, I dunno. Either way, it seems people prefer to use my posers than the original FNIS ones for some reason. I’m worried about overwriting other people’s poses with updates, so I made this.

    This is an EMPTY POSER. There are NO POSES in this mod by default. This is a mod of 5 empty pose modules (400 empty pose slots) for pose makers to put their poses into. The idea is for it to be a requirement.

    Let me repeat THERE ARE NO POSES IN THE MOD. I really don’t want comments saying “where are the poses?”.

    Hopefully this will be of some use to folks making small custom pose packs, or big ones.





    Next on the followers list. This follower is a little different than usual because she WILL NOT WORK with custom outfits. What I mean is that she can’t even equip them. Her body will just vanish. I set it up this way because her body is very custom, and her textures won’t work properly with bodies other than her own.

    For this reason an SFW version is included.