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Aether Suite v0.2.0

Christmas day part 2! An Aether Suite update. Anyone who’s been keeping track of the numbers might guess it’s a pretty big one. We jumped from 0.1.6 to 0.2.0.

See below for the substantial list of changes, which I doubt anyone was expecting.

    -Added area Red Robin Plaza
    -Added area Children of Talos Chapel
    -Added area Arbelle Ephienne’s Office
    -Added area Apartment 184
    -Added radio station Wave Radio
    -Countless other small updates, upgrades, and fixes which are too small to mention.

WAVE RADIO. I don’t know how many of you played Fallout New Vegas, and I’m sure even less of you used my mod, but Wave Radio carries a legacy well past Skyrim.

A few instructions about Wave Radio, since I don’t think I put any in the readme.

-There area couple of radios in Knox which are separate from the main station and will only play within the cell you activate them.
-To activate Wave Radio, equip the mini-radio found in Apartment 184. To turn it off, unequip the radio.
-Wave Radio (the main station) replaces your background music, so if you have your in-game music turned down, you won’t be able to hear it.

Oh, and one other note. The apartment WILL crash for some people. I’ve had some folks test it. It doesn’t crash as all for some, it crashes occasionally for others, and a lot for others. I can’t pinpoint the cause, I’m afraid. Maybe try installing HDT memory patch? That fixed it for me.

That’s the skinny, and Christmas is over. Sorry I didn’t have more to deliver, but I am only one man, and I’m no Santa Clause.

Merry Christmas to everyone! And a big thanks to Chilliblitz who single handedly donated enough to cover my server this month.




Halo's Poser 5.0

It’s Christmas! You know what that means? Presents!

I hope you guys didn’t think I’d leave you with nothing on Christmas day. Well, not this time, anyway. 3 Skyrim Christmasses have gone by and I wanted to make this one a little more memorable than the last, so I’ve got a couple of small gifts for you, and this is the first.

Halo’s Poser 5.0.

I’ve added 2 new modules. Halo’s Poser 7 and Halo’s Poser 8. Halo’s Poser 7 is 100% complete, all 81 poses. Halo’s Poser 8 is 66% complete with 54 poses. (or maybe 56 if you poke those blank slots for 55 and 56).

Lots of standing poses again because we all need more standing poses.

Download is above, or just here, for anyone confused:

Enjoy your posing!