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Aether Suite v0.1.6

I really ought to stop with the anime names…

So, another small Aether Suite update. More back rooms, and a slightly different way to get to them. Don’t be fooled by the fancy names. They’re nothing special. The Satellite Container is a bit buggy with its water. I have no idea why.

I also decided to open up a teleporter to the original version of the Red Robin Lounge, which I never deleted from the esp. I still use it for screenshots sometimes, and I actually prefer the design to the newer, more grandiose version. It was dumped because it was crash heavy and I couldn’t figure out why, but for the sake of a bit of fun, you can now access it via the mic in the overhauled teleporter room in the lobby, should you so choose.

And just a reminder that followers can’t follow you to any of these areas, just in case you were hoping for anything like that. Of course, you can still use the “moveto player” command, but you’ll have to move them around yourself.

    -Added a few more back rooms, specifically, Velvet Bedroom, Ocean Abyss, Crystal Infinity, Icy Cavern, Pitch Black Glass/2, Satellite Container.
    -Added access to a room that’s been sitting there untouched for months, Daedalus Observation Deck.
    -Added access to the original version of the Red Robin Lounge. It was crash heavy, so I redesigned and rebuilt it, but I still prefer the original, so I let others in as well. As the teleporter for it says, it comes with a serious CTD warning, but you might get some fun out of the cosier design.

Download | Screenshots

And just to reiterate my request for donations. If you can help, it’s appreciated, but just to remember whether you donate or not will not have an effect on the rate at which I release mods.



Halo's Poser 4.15

Shh. Nobody mention the lame title. I was listening to that song making this post…

Halo’s Poser 4.15

Not that big of an update overall. Added and completed Halo’s Poser 6 module. That’s it. 81 more poses. Some of them are explicit. The kind of stuff you’d find in HPEXT. The idea separating lewd poses out into their own special poser again seemed tiresome, so I’m just including them in the main poser now. They’re all marked (explicit), so those of you who want to avoid that sort of thing won’t have any trouble working around them.

On another note, it’s coming up to server time again, and I’d be really grateful to anyone who could help out this time. Remember, the server isn’t that expensive, so I’m not asking you to donate to me in the hundreds. Just any help you can give. :)

As always, the download is up in the menu bar, or right here, if you don’t speak English, and these long rambling posts without handy download links just seem weird and confusing: Download

Enjoy your posing!




So, I’ve been frustrated with the lack of ability to pose tongues for ages. In the meantime, I was using Morten’s conversion of linga’s tongues for my tongue needs, but they were all at the one arbitrary height which generally didn’t fit most of my characters, so I decided to make myself something a little more comprehensive.

This thing has 16 different types of tongues (actually, it’s 8, but in both thin and wide versions) at 5 different heights for females, and 2 different heights for males. Why only 2 for males? Because I don’t play males, so I was lazy. It was 112 tongues already… The tongues are in no particular order (but they ARE in the same order for each type), so you’ll have to figure out which is which yourself.

You can find the tongues all in a little strongbox on the sharpening wheel in qasmoke.

Download | Screenshots

Enjoy your licking!