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Meara Follower

More third party followers! This time it’s Yukikaze’s Meara!

in this update, Meara switches over to UNPCM and get a number of neat little optimisations and some slight outfit changes.

She also continues to be a cutie.

Download | Screenshots

Also, over on the Wanako Works page there have been updates to Miria and Zawadi, so be sure to check those out too, if you haven’t already!


UNPCM Craftwear

Okay. So, I’ve heard the word “modular” a lot lately, and I started thinking, you know, I could make something modular for UNPCM. At first I thought maybe just a modular mashup, but then it occurred to me, I have 4 mashups, plus all kinds of other stuff sitting on my hard drive just begging to be put into one, glorious modular thingmabob. SO HERE IT IS.


I deleted all comments on all site pages (not posts) because some of them were just getting really long. Please don’t be offended if a comment went missing. I made sure to keep the most recent ones. It was just getting out of hand trying to load some of the pages.

Not even a picture on this one. THANK YOU to, Slappy, the one person who actually noticed Breezy was broken and let me know. Breezy’s facegeom files were broken due to some problems I had with the esp shortly before release. I have now fixed it, and Breezy actually looks like Breezy now. I’ve had it tested. Definitely working.

Download removed

Umbra 2.0

Umbra 2.0

Umbra update. New hair, new outfit, new weapon… well, same weapon, but it’s cooler now, if she ever uses it, which she rarely does. I overhauled her combat style. She shouldn’t just one shot everything now, similar to Nim.

75% more naked.

I highly recommend you clean your save of the old version, otherwise her new combat style won’t take effect.

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Nim 2.0

Nim 2.0

Nim update. A few things have been changed. Her outfit (though you can’t see much of the change), her hair, and her combat stye. She will now use magic quite a bit, and she will also not just one shot everything for you. You might actually have to like… kill stuff yourself.

I also highly recommend you clean your save of her before you update, otherwise the combat style changes won’t take effect.

Download removed

Alicia 2.1

Alicia 2.1

This isn’t an update worthy of its own post really. I just switched her back to her old ninjatou because that scythe looked absolutely ridiculous as a 1 handed weapon.

That’s the only change.

Downloads removed.


Today, the update is Sinestra. It’s a pretty major update. She’s gone from some weird proto-castanic thing, to Lilim’s daughter, and all round tomboy. As a side note, for anyone who feels like pointing out how boyish she looks with her square jaw and short hair, I assure you, that’s intentional. She is my tomboy character.

I also bring you Breezy, my half Argonian thingy. I don’t know what to call her really, but I do know that she has a sister called Liz, and that there was fair demand for a follower of her.

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