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And so, finally, something a little special to finish out the day. To commemorate my 200 followers on tumblr, I rustled together a fully working version of this little number. It’s 2 parts mash up, 2 parts original work, 1 part too many fucking polys. By which I mean, some of the work is original, some of it is from other modders, and it’s all got far too many polys, but I wanted to release something for my 200 followers.

To give credit where credit is due, the shirt, and belly ring were made 100% by me, the boots are from Neovinci’s Christie armour from Oblivion, the panties are from anano’s panties mod, and the gloves started life as Bethesda’s arm wraps and then I brutalised them into an excessively poly counted mess.

The mod requires HDT High Heels. Don’t be afraid. HDT High Heels doesn’t bite.

Download | Screenshots | Requirement



YES. I HAVE UPDATED UNPCM AGAIN EVEN THOUGH I SAID I WOULDN’T. The good news is, I am announcing this as the final version. Whatever’s wrong with it now, it’s nothing I can fix. I’ve reweighted the body, I remirrored it, I’ve mirrored the weights, I’d fixed the seams. It’s the best I can do.

With this release also comes the introduction of my high poly hands and feet as a standard part of the install. HOWEVER, I have included the old feet and hands for those of you who have performance issues to deal with. You can find the same toenail resources included in the mod files, if you need them.

For anyone worrying what this means for compatibility, the LOOK of the body hasn’t changed. As usual the changes are all under the hood things like vertex opitimisations and improved weighting. As a result, the older conversions are not suddenly going to not look like UNPCM any more. However, they might not fit together without clipping. In spite of it not being a big issue, I WILL be slowly updating all the existing outfits to bring them in line, and you can rest assured I will mention them on the front page, so you know what outfits to update.

But that’s not all!

I’ve already updated some outfits, so these are the ones you’ll want to reinstall right now:

Kanra’s Antique Clothes: Download
KURESE’s Mizugi: Download
N8k’s Black Wisteria (and I fixed that damn typo too): Download
newermind’s Light Elven Armor: Download

Friendly reminder that if you didn’t already have these installed, you’ll want to grab the requirements too. Also worth noting is that I updated these BEFORE I had finalised the high poly hands and feet, so not all of them have high poly hands. It’s not a big deal, please don’t come complaining about it. I won’t be updating old ones to use high poly hands either, just the newer body.

But wait, there’s still more! You didn’t think I’d come out with a new version of the body without delivering some new conversions, did you? Should I stop sounding like an informerical now? Probably.

AerySoul’s Huntress/Elven Strapped

Best know as “Apachii’s Huntress”. Standalone conversion from Oblivion, now for UNPCM. Screenshots are of the UNPB version.

Download | Screenshots

dikr Bouncy Bodices Booties Belts Stockings

dikr’s bouncy bodices and booties mod, including all recolours.

Download | Screenshots | Requirement

Hentai LiLi

LiLi by Hentai. Standalone full conversion from TES4: Oblivion with full slider support. Now for UNPCM. Screenshots are of UNPC version.

Download | Screenshots

MAK07, Hentai Mixed Armor

The mixed armor mash up by MAK07, converted for UNPCM. Check the readme for the requirements. Screenshots are of the UNPC version.

Download | Screenshots

KURESE r18pn Lingerie

KURESE’s lingerie set, converted for UNPCM, with additional standalone chokers.

Download | Screenshots | Requirement

Okay, so there’s your conversions, but I’m still not done. I also have THIS:

Ebony Armour Remodels

A couple of remodels of the vanilla ebony armour. Craftable at the nearest forge, and fully upgradable. I highly recommend aMidianBorn’s ebony retexture to really bring these to life.

Download | Screenshots | Recommended

RIGHT. OKAY. I hope you’re happy! Ah, these conversions also have earlier versions of the high poly hands. Again, don’t bitch. I won’t care.

I will soon be starting a project to convert vanilla armours, slowly but surely, as well as updating other existing conversions to the new body weights, and continuing other conversions.


Halo's Poser 1.5

Woop. 81 more poses.

This update contains a few rather intentionally made crawling poses, since I was so lacking in them and I love crawling poses. Something also majorly notable is that this one has a PILE of simple poses. Simple walking. Simple standing. Most importantly, quite a number of walking with magic. Something I was severely lacking.

All in all, this one is very much about filling a niche I’ve basically been ignoring since the final “standing pose” module. Loads of simple standing and walking.

When you update, you’ll have to rerun FNIS and refavourite the rings. Due to module merging, the formIDs got renumbered, so the old items don’t exist any more, and the new ones will be added on load.

In other news, Halo’s Poser is likely to become my new primary poser. Being as I treat it differently, by making piles of poses and then just slapping them in game for better or worse, it results in more poses on a quicker basis, which I don’t think anyone would complain about.



Edit: For anyone who managed to find the post within the first minute after I posted it, redownload the mod. Apparently the new upload broke the first time.

High Poly Hands and Feet

I made these weeks ago, and I’ve been testing and tweaking them ever since. Basically, I was tired of my hands and feet always bending in weird ways, and I was also tired of them always being so damned pointy, so I decided to fix both of thoe things in one go. As the title implies, they’re high poly, so if your machine is particularly low end, I don’t recommended installing them. They mostly for people who are into cosmetics improvements, or screenshooting with characters.

These work exceptionally well for poses.

One little note. The toenails look a bit weird in some lights. You can fix this by flattening the normal maps on your _msn file. I didn’t want to force people into using special resources for my toenails, so I simply mapped them to the regular UNP positions. That’s why they take on a slightly odd look.

Download | Screenshots

Edit: Just for those of you who know how to put them to use, I baked some normals and speculars that will make your toenails look all nice and flat, and also glossy: Download

Clearwater Grotto

So I made another one of these. This one is sort of like a mix between the other 2 I made. It has the shallow water and more closed in feel of The Woods, but the grander scale of Dawnwood Shallows. It also has some nifty little gimmicks, which you can see in the screenshots.

I spent a hell of a lot of time hand placing all kinds of flora and rocks and lord knows what else, so hopefully it really feels like a lush environment. I do recommend you install SFO, or SFO summer edition though, otherwise it’s not gonna look half as nice.

Read the readme for other info.

Oh, and don’t lose the telporter. It’s fun to throw it around, just make sure you remember where you left it.

Download | Screenshots

Seriously, I never said that. I don’t know who’s been spreading this, but I never once said that.

I started that post by saying I wasn’t retiring, and just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to everyone for all their support SO FAR.

So let me just confirm for everyone who is still under that impression (if Mr. Cheesy wasn’t enough) that I am NOT retiring.

First of all, let me start by saying that I am neither dying, nor quitting modding not dying, and I’m not quitting modding either.

Conjure Mr. Cheesy

Have you ever wanted your very own cheese atronach? Yeah, I didn’t either, to be honest, but it seemed to me to be something kitty Sheogorath would probably use, so I made Mr. Cheesy for Alicia, and now here he is for you all to use.

He took me 20 minutes, and he’s so lazy I didn’t even remove the storm atronach lightning effects. It’s just a silly quick mod. That’s all. You’ll find his spell book on your bed, Hall of Attainement, Mages College, Winterhold.


Also, just a quick note to say I updated the Eiries’ race mods, Ohmes-Raht and Abyssal Dremora, to use the updated, much less broken version of Race Compatibility. Thanks to Taiolu for letting me know of its existence. I also added mounted combat support, while I was at it. No links here, just grab them from the existing links on the Eiries and HoneyVanity download page. If you’re updating, it should be safe to just drop the new files in. That’s what I did, and everything seems to work right.