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Thank You

First of all, let me start by saying that I am neither dying, nor quitting modding not dying, and I’m not quitting modding either. It just seems to me that after 2 years of Skyrim modding (and year or two before that with other games) it was about time I just stopped and said thank you.

So, like I said, it’s been roughly 2 years now since I started modding Skyrim. I don’t keep track of anniversaries, so I can’t say for sure when the exact dates were, but in that time, a lot of people have supported me, and helped me out, and I just wanted to say some thankyous, both to specific people and communities as a whole. I have no idea how to go about this, so I’m just going to mention people or communities as they come to mind.

  • HoneyVanity and Eiries, who will pretty much always be first on one of these lists: Thanks to you guys for constantly inspiring me, helping me out, and just generally always being support when I need it.
  • /tesg/ Sweetroll Edition steam group: For being a nice place to hang out and also to rant when I’m getting mad at the CK.
  • /tesg/: I know you guys don’t like me, but I like you, and I’m grateful for the help and support some of you have provided over time.
  • Dem Waifus: Similarly to /tesg/se, a cool place with cool and helpful people.
  • Bohan: Recipient of half the angry rants I make, and just generally a helpful individual, and a cool guy.
  • Novajam: Recipient of the other half. Best mod tester ever.
  • Xenoziel: My biggest fanboy. Yup yup.
  • Fyurifakku: Come back. ;_;
  • Guardly: owner, and a big supporter.
  • Shippin: The only modder who ever supported my body mods. You have no idea how much I appreciate THAT. It’s nice to not be the only one converting outfits for them.
  • Dragonporn: One of my biggest supporters, and soleley responsible for popularising a lot of my mods. Many thanks.
  • LoversLab: Probably one of my biggest supporting communities. I know that you guys use my pose mods and the aether suite a hell of a lot, and you also produce some fantastic mods. You have modders like Aradia and Belisario doing various amazing works in the community as well. I appreciate the work you all put in, and I appreciate the support for my mods.
  • Everyone whose outfits I’ve converted: Thank you for either giving me permissions, or providing open permissions on your mods. You are the best kind of modders.
  • tumblr’s Skyrim community: A bunch of very awesome folks who make some great mods and take some amazing screenshots. I appreciate the mods, and I appreciate the support.
  • shadowofdrox/InsanityMan: Creator of some of the most unique and often inspiring screenshots around, and an all round stand up guy.
  • Brave Mustaine: Most awesome GM ever, plus I totally ripped off one of his characters.
  • The Nexus: This is a generalisation. There are a lot of people and things I don’t like about the nexus and its community, but it also houses some stand up folks, and some amazing modders, without whom the whole Skyrim community would be lost.
  • fore: He made FNIS. If I didn’t thank the guy who made my most popular mod possible, I’d be a pretty shitty person. FNIS is an amazing tool, made by a total genius.
  • Boris Vorontsov: ENB creator. Certifiable genius. The reason Skyrim screenshots look so reel.
  • Everyone whose mods I host: Thank you for making mods, and thank you for trusting me to host them.
  • dimon99: Creator of UNP, which I eventually turned into UNPCM… after a hell of a lot of modification.
  • Sims hair modders: Unwitting providers of most of the hair mods us Skyrim players use. Whether you gave your permission or not, I still think you should be thanked.
  • AND MY DONATORS, WHO I ALMOST FORGOT TO MENTION, LIKE A DOUCHE: You guys on occasion help me to pay for this blog, and I most definitely appreciate the help.

Those are some folks I specifically wanted to name, but I also want to thank everyone else. I know there might be some of you out there wondering why I didn’t name you specifically, and honestly, it’s because if I named everyone ever, I’d probably be here for the next 6 to 8 hours. However, I also want to thank everyone who visits my blog and uses my mods. I appreciate all of your support, and I am grateful that you enjoy my work. Waking up and finding a nice comment on my blog makes my day a little better from the start.

Okay… so that was a bit gushy, but it’s important to just say thank you sometimes.


Edit: Added a few more lines I felt needed to be added.

Halo's Poser

So, here it is, complete. In fact, rather more complete than I think any of you would have been expecting.

Halo’s Poser now complrises of 2 complete modules of 81 poses each. For those of you who are bad at maths, that’s 162 poses. Over 100 new poses for you all to play with.

Why is Halo’s Poser not just part of Pinup Poser? Well, basically, because unlike Pinup Poser, which are posed slowly and tested in game and fixed, where need be, Halo’s Poser is quick and dirty. Make a pose, save pose, make next pose, save pose, rinse, repeat. Also because I’ve pushed the skeleton a little further than I normally would, so some of these poses are a little more mangled for the sake of achieving a certain look.

Other important information? These poses WILL CLIP. That has nothing to do with my poses, and everything to do with your skeleton. I don’t want to sit and explain the ins and outs of Skyrim skeletons, but with the point we’re at with modding, 99% of you downloading this mod will have some sort of custom skeleton. Many of you will be using XPMS. Some of you will be using ECE’s scale options (shoulder scale, waist scale, etc.) Some of you will be using RaceMenu’s bone scale options. All of these will cause clipping with these poses. It’s not something you can fix without reverting to a vanilla skeleton with 0 scales, and it’s not somwething I can fix, because I can only make poses for 1 skeleton type, and I use the vanilla skeleton.

tl;dr: If you run into poses in this mod which have hands clipping inside legs, or arms clipping through bodies, don’t come running to me, because it’s not my fault. It’s just an unfortunate side effect of having so much control over character creation.

And ramble over, enjoy your poses.



Yes. It’s that time again. The ride never ends.

This is a pretty small release. I’ve just been working on a lot of tweaking for Knox, really.

Here’s the changelog:

-Added a small new area connecting Knox’s main street and the Red Robin’s back door.
-Made changes to a few existing Knox areas.
-Added some new music.

Additional implemented but untested changes:

-Fixed telport back to Winterhold. Your follower should now return with you.
-Fixed navmeshing on main street and added invsisible ramps in certain spots so your follower can follow you into Finnegan’s or down the alley.
-Navmeshed new rooms in Photo Studio and also tweaked navmeshing in a number of areas in the hopes followers will follow you properly through the doors now.

Until next time.