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Lilim 1.2


And here she graduates to official mod status and gets moved off of the character followers page, and onto the main page, because I have tricked her out, big time.

Firstly, I’ve now incorporated all 4 of the different versions I switch between in my own game. You now have the choice of bringing Lilim, Dremora Lilim, Aether Suite Lilim, or Neo Lilim along for the ride. Each of these represent different versions of Lilim that I commonly play as.

Dual wields her weapons, Vitriol and Vitriol dagger. Is generally pretty lore friendly…ish.

Dremora Lilim:
Battlemage, focussing on the magic side of things, mostly fire spells. She uses the Vitriol sword. She is NEKKID, but she has no naughty bits.

Aether Suite Lilim:
Battlemage, focussing on weapon play. She wields a rapier, and wears some intensely lore unfriendly gear. She is one of the versions I commonly use for Aether Suite screenshots now.

Neo Lilim:
Battlemage, focussing on weapon play. She wields a riding crop, and wears an outfit that inspited her name, since it’s a mash up of Neovinci’s works from 3 different games. She looks kind of a like a BDSM mistress.

So, all these versions. Kind of silly to have them all in game, following you around. There is an in-game version switcher. Once you’ve hired her from The Frozen Hearth in Winterhold, you’ll be able to access the appearance change option by talking to her. One thing to remember: Because I wanted to change absolutely everything about her for each appearance, each appearance is a different NPC. If you want to switch, make sure she’s not carrying anything of yours.

And finally: Download


Halo's Poser

Basically just a compilation of my cast off poses. I have a lot of poses I made for specific situations, or ones that were just kind of crap, or maybe deformed too badly to be put in the main Pinup Poser series.

This mod WON’T be folded into Pinup Poser, because it’s basically my personal pose trash bin. However, I thought, since I was up to 45, you guys might maybe find some use for them.


Got that?

It uses the Pinup Poser scripts, so without PP installed, you won’t get far. Also, for installation instructions, refer to the PP readme. Since you’ll need to install PP to use this, I know you’ll have it handy.




An update for Lilim. Updated her body textures with the new (mostly) seamless ones I’m now using. Updated her eyes to use HoneyVanity’s honey eyes textures. Updated her hair textures.

Also added Aether Suite Lilim. A whole other version of the follower. The version I used in my recent Aether Suite set of images, for anyone who saw them. This is the version of Lilim I will probably use inside the Aether Suite from now on, so if anyone wants to use her, the option is there.



EDIT: And if you’re updating from her old version, and decide to install Aether Suite Lilim, dismiss the old version first, then make a clean save, otherwise she’ll still be wearing her normal clothes.

Aether Suite

I know right? Another update. This one is a little bigger and less of a joke than last time though. It’s not just me getting bored and slapping some new roo- Wait… No that’s exactly what it is, but I did it in an interesting new way!

So in this update, I’ve fixed a number of little things, bugs, some of which I introduced with my hasty refurbishment of the photo studio entrances. My bad.

-All of the various Photo Studio entrance halls are now 90% less fucked up.
-I’ve fixed the lighting in the set rooms and stopped some of that nasty texture popping you were probably seeing.
-I’ve fixed some typos in the Knox notes.
-Restored some missing scripts from the previous version (possibly all Aether Suite versions?) including the Velvet Room moving shadow script and the audio log playback script.
-Changed the floor and some of the walls in the lobby. It’s a little less garish now.

Then there’s the big one.

-Added the Red Robin Lounge.

The Red Robin Lounge is a new area. It was an experiment to see if I could make something fun out of my pre-existing assets. As it turns out, I could. I’ve tested and retested it and as far as I can tell it’s CTD free (the original version which I scrapped was an inexplicable mess of CTDs). You’ll find the entrance in the lobby, same as all the others.

Incidentally, I’d just like to once again reiterate: This is a screenshooting location, right? That means you take your character there and take pretty pictures. If you want NPCs, you can bring your own. MOST of the rooms are navmeshed (I still haven’t navmeshed the new photo studio rooms because I am a scrublord and totally forgot to, again) and fully follower compatible. The new lounge is included in that. If you want to see something made out of the assets because you’re not happy with the nature of my mod, I encourage you to do so. GLArt recently released a total conversion called Virus which has massive portions made from my assets.

Is that all? I think that’s all. Download on the right, as always >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



So I’ve added a new page. It has followers of my Skyrim characters. The followers aren’t polished. I’d almost call them “unofficial” mods, because mods on that page will not be supported, nor do I invite constructive criticism on them. These are the characters I play as, in follower form, for anyone who likes the look of them.

That’s it.

Of course, you can feel free to insult them, but nothing will actually change about them.

I will do my best to keep the followers up to date with my basic in-game versions (I am always having fun with alternative hair styles and outfits etc. but the base character is always the same way) and keeping with that, all the versions up on the page are true to my current versions, right down to their smokey bound weapons.

They are yours to command.

Grab them on the Character Followers page (in the Skyrim menu).


UPDATE 30/12/2014: The character followers page and its contents have been removed.

Aether Suite
Aether Suite

Watched those increments crawl up. I wonder if I’ll get desperate enough to move into a third decimal point before I do anything major enough for a 0.2.

Small update. Nothing major. Here’s the changelog:

-Fixed various textures that were broken by optimiser textures on the 0.1 release.
-Changed the shader options used on a lot of glass and some metal to give a less flat look.
-Refurbished existing photo studio areas to remove some of the school components.
-Added 4 new rooms:
–Carpet Room: Has some carpeted objects, for those of you who like a slightly cosier feel.
–Box Room: Ever wanted to make a fort out of all those crappy box meshes I made? I did.
–Set Room 1: Room designed for larger scale shoot comparing to the shadow rooms… and just me pissing around, honestly.
–Set Room 2: Same again, but with some furniture in the shooting area.

The download link never changes. It’s over there in the side pane >>>>>>>>>>>


Abyssal Dremora Race

And to finish up today, another one of these. This time I put Eiries’ Abyssal Dremora textures into a race. Actually, 3 races. Again, it’s FEMALE ONLY, because his textures are female only. If you don’t like it… well, download his resources and make a male version yourself?

The 3 races have similar stats to High Elves, except their specialisation is in destruction. Their racial, abyssal, is basically flame cloak, and I forgot to put a cooldown timer on it, so enjoy burning everyone all the time. They also have permanently boosted magicka regen speed.

The red ones are known as “Dremora Ignis”, the green ones are known as “Dremora Silva”, and the purple ones are known as “Dremora Nox”. Those are all latin, because I just really didn’t want to name the races “red dremora”, “green dremora”, “purple dremora”. They mean fire, forest and night, respectively.

The 3 races have their own unique horns, but if you’re not into horns, I’ve also supplied a no horns esp. The vampires are tested and working (yes, I remembered this time). I’ve also supplied the same body options as I did with the Ohmes-Raht. i.e. various versions of UNPB and also UNPCM. Instructions on how to add the races to your CME/ECE are also in the readme.

Download | Screenshots

Enjoy your Dremora ladies!


Lethal Majesty

I know it’s a little odd for me to release a single conversion like this, but I actually converted this one with the other batch. I was simply waiting on permissions, which I have now received.

This is Sinblood’s Lethal Majesty from Oblivion. A couple of things to note. 1: I couldn’t get the gloves to fit around the Skyrim hands properly, so the gloves have no alpha, unless you like having no hands under your gloves. 2: The cape is weighted to the skirt bones, as you might expect. I’m just warning you that if you use an animation replacer with no skirt animation, it’s going to look like cardboard. However, there is salvation to be found. You don’t have to wear it with the rest. :)

Download | Screenshots