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Thank You!

Many thanks to recent donators, Guardly (, tetrodoxin, and others! Your help is much appreciated.

Please contact me here or on the nexus if you wish your names (or screen names) to be published. The amounts will not be published.


Eiries Ohmes-Raht Race

So there’s been a number of requests over time for Eiries’ Ohmes-Raht textures to get their own actual race mod. Today I decided to oblige that request.

The race is FEMALE ONLY, because the textures were female only. It has a few bits and bobs tossed in, because I didn’t just want to throw them on a body. Amongst the features are fully morphing ears and some partial conversions of the khajiit face tints and stripes (partially meaning only the parts that cover the fur). I also included my not butt plug Khajiit tail.

The download also contains a few optional files for different UNP body types. The default is regular UNP, also included at BBP and non BBP versions of original UNPB and UNPB redux (that’s xp32’s version) as well as UNPCM. I’ve also included the relevant skeletons for the BBP versions of the bodies.

Download | Screenshots

Hope you guys enjoy your cat girls!


Welcome to the Aether Suite

No no. Don’t freak out. I don’t mean the body. The body is final. I have no plans to update it any further. It’s good as it is.

What I’m talking about is this PILE OF OUTFITS here.

So this past week I found myself with a little extra time, and with that time I have laid into the conversions, and come out with 5 new ones for UNPCM. I do have a sad announcement that some of you may be unhappy about though. I am dropping UNPC support. I am no longer using the body myself, and no other modders (except Shippin, the stalwart, ever faithful) ever bothered to support the body. Between the fact that the various conversions are for so many different versions, the lack of support by anyone else, and the fact that I have stopped using it in lieu of UNPCM, the mod is now effectively dead. I may resurrect it in the future, if I find a reason to, but for now I will be focussing on UNPCM, because I prefer it, because all the outfits are using the same version of the body and are all intercompatible, and because aforementioned ever stalwart, ever faithful Shippin is also now converting outfits for it.

tl;dr, sorry UNPC fans, it’s over.

Now I’ll get to the good shit.

So as I said before, in my rambling, I have 5 new conversions for you, some of which were kind of expected, some of which you might find pretty exciting.

Heading up the heavy armour department, we have Jojjo’s Demon Hunter. I have made a custom .esp file for this one, so you can use the original DH outfit, or you can choose the one with no pauldrons (which is the one I personally use). I’m also happy to say, I’m sure some of you may have noticed the original has some rather harsh issues with the gloves. I have fixed those, and the gloves now work as they should.

Jojjo/zzjay Demon Hunter Armor

Download | Screenshots | Requirement


Heading up the light armour department, we have BloodFree’s Scarlet Dawn. I’m sure anyone who has followed me for long enough was expecting this one, since I have converted all of his previous offerings. There is some clipping around the right armpit with this one. I couldn’t fix it no matter how I tried. It only pops up in some of the more extreme poses though, so hopefully it won’t be troubling any of you.

BloodFree Scarlet Dawn

Download | Screenshots | Requirement


Heading up the “kawaii” department, we have a port of an old favourite from Oblivion, Little Carmine Dress, by N8k. This was one of my earliest and most used outfits from Oblivion. So much so that I even released a retexture mod for it. 2 of those retextures are included. This version of the mod comes with Little Carmine Dress (carmine is a type of red), Little Eminence Dress (eminence is a type of purple) and Little Forest Dress (forest is a type of green). The original is absolutely the best, but I thought I’d provide a couple of my bad retextures for variation. Incidentally, it is also standlone. However, there’s a link in the readme for the original mod. If you like it, I urge you to download and endorse the original.

N8k Little Carmine Dress

Download | Screenshots


Heading up the “is this even armour?” department, we have Aradia’s Kato. No doubt you’ve seen this pop up on Skyrim nexus. This is not a conversion of the nexus version, but a conversion of the original with some black and white recolours by myself. However, I am 99% sure that the retextures from nexus will be compatible, if you want to download and swap them. The original version can be crafted as a normal armour, or you can craft it, and any of the recolours, piece by piece using the same materials. Mix and match as you see fit. This one is also standalone.

Aradia Kato

Download | Screenshots


Lastly, heading up the “cutest vampire ever” department, we have ONE of Kanrax2’s antique dresses from Oblivion. I didn’t convert the whole set, because I did this as a personal request, but I later learned that Kanra’s permissions allow modification and upload. If this has changed somehow, please feel free to let me know. I am going on what’s in the readme, which says I can upload a modified version of the mod, freely, as long as I give Kanra credit. Kanrax2. Kanrax2. Kanrax2 made this. Not me. It was Kanrax2. Find links to Kanra’s other works in the readme file. It contains all 3 colours of the outfit, and can be found in a dresser on the top level of Dragonsreach, next to the strategy table. This one is, again, standalone.

Kanrax2 Antique Clothes

Download | Screenshots


I hope that satisfies your urges for something new for now, and thanks for watching!