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Welcome to the Aether Suite

So… where to start? Basically, I nixed Knox as a quest/story mod, because the more I looked into getting where I wanted to go, the more I realised I was going to run out of time long before I got finished making it. I didn’t want to just keep teasing it with little updates here and there, and then never even release it.

However, I wasn’t lying when I said that I’d release what I had, even if I never finished the mod.

Let me introduce you to the Aether Suite. The Aether Suite is basically me compiling all the random locations I’ve made over the past 2 years into 1 unique location, which as usual is basically made for screenshooting. The Aether Suite includes Skyrim Academy and the Photographer’s Studio, though the means of accessing the Photographer’s Studio has been changed, and can now be accessed directly from the Aether Suite lobby, and not by running through the whole school. I’ve also expanded the Photographer’s Studio a little more. On top of that, of course, I have added Knox. I didn’t just merge the files and call it done, however.

To provide you with the best quality I can offer, I spent a hefty amount of time over the past couple of days fixing little bugs, replacing parts and even adding a little new mod smell to Knox, to make it an interesting place to visit, as well as a cool spot to snap some shots.

All this can be accessed from the newly added lobby, which I mentioned before. Each of the 3 locations have a door out of the main lobby, taking you to them. There’s also a note on the table which attempts rather poorly to make the mod seem like it’s lore friendly. We all know it’s not, but it’s nice to pretend.

So how do you reach the Aether Suite? Well, I also changed that. You won’t magically receive a spell to take you there, like you did with Skyrim Academy. You’ll have to find the spell tome in the Mages College, Hall of Attainment, poorly hidden under one of the upper floor beds. That spell will take you to the lobby, and you can proceed from there.

Regarding fast traveling from the locations. I believe you can still fast travel from The Academy, but I will be disabling this in later versions, because it doesn’t really make sense with the rest of the setup. For the rest, you can use the suspicious looking wall in the lobby to teleport back to the Hall of Attainment.

Regarding the scope of Knox, while it’s not inherently massive, there’s lots of little things to see, and more on offer than what you can see (or not see, in the case of block 4) in the video, so feel free to really explore on your first visit there. You might run into some cool stuff, or just find an extra area or two.

This doesn’t mean the end of The Academy, or Knox, or even the Photo Studio. It just means that they’re now all the same mod, and when I update the mod, you’re likely to get updates for all of them at once. There will continue to be expansions for all 3 modules, at my time permits.

Lastly, the download it pretty huge (400mb), and the install itself is 1.3gb in total. I assure you, this is already the optimised number. I’ve compressed and resized the hell out of the textures. This is as small as it gets, I’m afraid. If you don’t have the space, don’t install the mod. No one will hold it against you.

Video preview below, and download links follow the preview video. The video isn’t all of what’s on offer. Knox also doesn’t have to look this dark, that’s just the way I like my ENB.


I hope you and your characters enjoy the mod!


P.S. I fixed the missing texture issue in the video, so don’t worry.

Updates and Additions

It’s a poser update. Not many new poses, but a lot of reason to update, in my opinion.

Here’s what’s new:

-Pinup Pairs and EX5 modules added. Both highly incomplete, but a few new poses to play with.
-SNSD Poser has been folder into Pinup Poser, even though I said it wouldn’t be, because I’d prefer that you can get all your delicious poses in one place. That means YOU CAN DELETE YOUR SNSD POSER .ESP if you have one.
-The menus for all old modules have been overhauled. For the original PP modules, the menus now list if poses are made for a weapon, or if they’re paired poses. For the EX series, up to EX4, poses have now been classified as standing, sitting, laying or kneeling, as well as being marked as weapon poses where applicable. Dramatic Poser now has individually named poses. Pinups for Men has also received the weapon marker treatment.
-All Pinup Poser items and spells are now preceeded with the letters PP. This means that they all show up in one solid clump in your inventory. I know it’s not a tidy little keyring or a single menu system, but it’s a little easier, at least.

I am going to look into making some sort of a keyring type setup wherein I can put all the rings into some sort of submenu, but since I have no intention of using SKSE to accomplish that, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Warning: You WILL have to re-favourite and re-hotkey the rings after installing this update. I am using a new method to merge my .esp files, which renumbers all forms, so your game won’t recognise them as the same item.