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Aetherian Armor 2.0

An update for Aetherian Armor, and also a conversion for UNPCM.

What’s new?

New type, Armor of Virtues, which is a steel version of the armour with no base level enchantments. Each armour type can now be forged as a whole item, or as separate parts. There are also panties, for those of you who wish to go without the body suit, so you’re not too indecent. Breast plate is now a little less sternum crushing, too. No dip in the middle. Also, as I said, the armour is now available for both UNPC and UNPCM.

Download UNPC: High Res | Medium Res
Download UNPCM: High Res | Medium Res


New Conversions

So, just to remind you all that I’m not dead, I have a couple of new conversions for you today.

First of all, I’ve converted Neovinci’s Selene outfit, for both UNPC and UNPCM. I messed up so many times on the way, you wouldn’t believe, but it’s all in perfect working order now, and looking very sexy, I must say. I hope you all enjoy that one.

I also did a UNPCM only special version of the Barmaid Minidress floating around nexus at the moment. You don’t require the original file, and the overall look is somewhat different from the one you see elsewhere. Why is it UNPCM only? Well, because I did it for my own personal use, for one of my characters, but I later decided to release it to you guys, so it’s a UNPCM only conversion. Hope you like it.

Neovinci’s Selene: Download UNPC | Download UNPCM | Screenshots | Requirement
Barmaid Mini for UNPCM: Download Replacer | Download Standalone | Screenshots

That’s all. No threatrics today.


Dawnwood Shallows

So, recently I was looking for a specific type of location, and honestly, I don’t even remember what type of location that was now, it was like a week ago, cut me some slack, but it ended up turning into this pet project.

So Dawnwood Shallows is a player home. It’s not a super advanced player home with 1000 special features, item sorting, display rooms for your arsenal of pointless shit you’ll never use and trophy rooms that just take up space. Reason being, I don’t go in for all that stuff. My personal opinion is that save for a small few very cool looking weapons and armours, if I’m not carrying it on my person, it’s better off sold for profit. I am not a hoarder, and so this is not a hoarder’s base of operation.

What I am is a screenshooter. I like taking pretty pictures, and I like my player homes to focus more on looking interesting or pretty. That’s what I’ve tried to create here. An aesthetically pleasing player home.

It’s somewhat grandiose, because the larger portion of it is built from the Dwemer tileset, which, point of fact, doesn’t DO small. It has medium, large, and fucking gigantic, much like all things Dwemer.

So, basic shit you can expect from this house?

Basic amenties: Of course I wouldn’t give you a completely useless house mod, so naturally it comes with a fully equipped forge, an alchemy table, an enchanting table, and even a cooking pot.
A modest display set: 6 weapon plaques in the living quarters, and 2 mannequins. No full on trophy rooms, but a little room for decoration, at least.
A few select aedric shrines. Just whatever ones I felt like tossing in there, really.

The rest is all about the pretty, and you can check out the screenshots for examples. I have also tried to keep it as plausible as possible.

Here’s a little back story on the location, just to make you lore-mongers feel better:

Dawnwood Shallows began life as a Dwemer settlement, but through many years of neglect and eventual disrepair, the larger portion of the city has utterly collapsed and is no longer inhabitable. However, an enterprising individual discovered that through the collapse of the city, a small cave system had been created and a small area was still structurally sound and inhabitable. This individual decided to make it his home. He has since passed away, and the home lies vacant, for some lucky Dragonborn to conveniently discover and take possession of.

There, feel better now?

So a few things that are of note.

First of all, the mod was created using SFO Summer Edition, so if you don’t have that, it’s not gonna look like it does in the screenshots. However, I have actively tested it with the standard SFO package (which I imagine is similar to vanilla in colour scheme) and it is still beautiful, it just has a much more autumnal feel to it, with all those autumn aspen floating around and slightly less saturated grass.

Second of all, the entire mod is follower friendly. I have painstakingly navmeshed it, and I don’t mean auto-generated and called it done. I’ve spent many hours generating and fixing the navmeshing in the exterior area, and have thoroughly tested it with followers, as have a few friends, and we can all attest that it works perfectly.

Lastly, the interior has been optimised as best it can be, that means you shouldn’t have any mysteriously winking out lights or lights arguing for control of an area. Even the one mentioned in the readme doesn’t happen any more, I fixed it. Everything is roomed off and portaled for best performance and to prevent lights and effects causing problems with other lights and effects.

Finally, after all my rambling, here is a link to the download, and a series of screenshots to make you think it’s wonderful when it’s actually not particularly impressive at all!

Download | Screenshots

Enjoy your new home!

How many fucking times am I gonna release this body?

Okay guys. So, once again, I am here dropping a UNPCM update, because once again, I discovered some nasty deforms in parts of the body, but, BUT, it doesn’t stop there. Nosir. In this release, there’s all kinds of shit going on. First of all, I have now made the neck 100% seamless. Unlike other variants of UNP, which have double the vertices of the vanilla neck seam, and also slightly different placing, UNPCM now has the same number of vertices, and vertex positions as the vanilla body, which makes seamlessness a shit load easier.

HOWEVER, this wonderful seamlessness also means that suddenly your UNP textures won’t be “seamless” any more, because they were made for a broken seam in the first place. By way of apology for that, I have provided you with neck and body seam resources in the download, which you can apply to your body textures, and restore your seamlessness on your favourite body texture set.

But wait, there’s more.

Along with the various fixes, UNPCM now comes with its own body texture set. No, I don’t mean that nasty shitty thing I released with it before, that makes you want to cry when you see it in game.
Well, okay, I actually do mean that one, but now it is genuinely seamless. On top of which, there are 2 versions on offer. The “rough” version or the “smooth” version. The smooth version has very little detail in the colour map (but plenty in the normal) and makes your character look either flawless, or doll-like, whichever you might prefer to call it. The rough version is quite messy. It gives your characters an appearance a little more fitting to Skyrim.

But wait, there’s still more.

On top of the basic texture sets on offer, it’s worth noting that I’ve made up some normal maps of my own, specially for UNPCM. In keeping with the point of the mesh, which is to be quite petite, the normals focus on a similar idea, keeping your character looking soft skinned. No muscle tone. The normals also fix the armpits. I highly suggest you use them, unless you’re a muscle map freak. However, there is ALSO a normal map set specifically for SG or Mature skin textures. Since I know they’re both very popular texture sets, I decided to give you some normals made specially for them.

Lastly, there’s also an optional softer facial normal map, to make your character look more youthful, and less stern, if that’s your thing.

But wait, I’m still not done.

Along with this update, and all those textures and whatnot, there are also 3 new conversions on offer for UNPCM, AS WELL AS UPDATED VERSION OF ALL THE OLD ONES. That means if you already have anything for UNPCM installed, go and redownload and reinstall it, because they need the updated neck seam.

I promise, this is the last main body update, so you won’t ever have to do that part again.

And here are your new download links for new conversions and the body update.

UNPCM 1.2: Download | Screenshots
KURERE Mizugi: Download | Screenshots
anano OnePiece: Download | Screenshots
Nailflan Simple Knit: Download | Screenshots

For those of you who already have the UNPC version of Simple Knit, I have also updated the UNPC version to the latest UNPC body weighting, as well as applied some basic model and weight fixes to the mesh. It works much better now.

Alrighty folks. That was a long one, and now it’s over. Enjoy. And don’t forget to update your pre-existing conversion!


It'll All Be All Right, Shiny-chan

So, our friend, Mr. Vorontsov, recently made some changes to the way that ENB handles specularity. I’m sure some of you will have noticed that Skyrim Academy suddenly stopped being reflective, or even shiny. That’s because I don’t use global lighting solutions in my mod, and instead prefer to rely on placed light sources, for more natural lighting, and Boris tied the specularity of ENB into directional lighting (a type of global lighting). SO, in response to this, I have now thrown out my personal preferences and added directional lighting to Skyrim Academy, where required, to restore all that specularity, and in turn, all that reflectivity, because reflections are tied into speculars too. Hue.

So here’s a bug fix release to make everything shiny and reflective again!

There are also some other small updates.
-I’ve had another look at the navmeshing. Fixed some minor errors and re-finalised all of the navmeshes. I’m hoping this will fix whatever issues some of you folks were having.
-I’ve also fixed 5 meshes which had incorrect collision properties. Some were too big, some were the wrong shape, and some were just completely displaced (the chairs, for example).
-I’ve also redone some of the lighting in the main building, to try and provide a warmer atmosphere at night, and stop the school seeming so damned creepy.
-I’ve also fixed the doors! That’s right. The doors now open ALL the way, so you should be able to walk on through them without having to squidge through that tiny little gap.
-Lastly, the mod is no longer packed in a compressed .bsa. It IS still packed into a .bsa file, for easy install and uninstall, but the compressed .bsa file has caused some people crashes and other issues. Mostly on low-end systems and 32-bit systems, but all the same, I strive to provide as optimal an experience as possible. This means the mod takes up considerably more space on your hard drive now, but should no longer cause you any possible crashes.

No download link here, because as always, the link is in the sidebar >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Until next time.