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Updates and Additions

Woops. It’s a poser update. It’s not a big one though. This time around I have folded Dramatic Poser into the main pack. Dramatic Poser is still incomplete, but poses 1-37 are usable.

There are a fair number of magic casting poses, for both males and females, as well as some other fun *drama* poses to play with.

A note about dramatic poser though. The poses are all posed with a specific body gender, as you might expect. While the poses are generally meant for use with either gender, it’s not 100% the case. For example, pose 35, the “knife in the back” pose, will not work with females. Don’t even bother trying. It’ll fold your girl’s shoulder in on itself. On top of this, some poses are more feminine or masculine. For example, there are some very feminine floaty casting poses (like the one pictured in the image) and some very masculine non floaty ones.

I’m sure that there are plenty of characters out there where the reverse might be true, but as a generalisation, that’s the way it is.


Have fun.

Updates and Additions

Okay, so remember that body mod I released a few days ago? I mentioned that I’d had it sitting around forever. I realised today why I hadn’t released it originally. Due to my bad memory, I’d forgotten that it had to horrible bugs to its name. One being some very nasty mesh deforms on the _0 mesh, where I’d tried to smooth it out using automated commands instead of manually (because lazy) and the other being the fact that the UV map had been really abused because of how different of a shape the breasts are comparing to any other UNP based mods. A lot of stretching in the upper breast area.

Well… when I realised this fact this morning, I shoved my other plans aside so that I could fix it and get you a fixed mesh as quickly as possible, and that’s what this post is.


Except that’s not all. I’ve applied the fix to the relevant meshes on the UNPCM page, so if you previous downloaded the UNPCM Mix, or Light Elven Armor, mosey on over to the UNPCM page and redownload them.

On top of that, I’ve also updated Black Wisteria for UNPC to the 2.6 body, and converted it to UNPCM as well. The fixed UV mapping and the UNPCM version of Black Wisteria are both pictured in the image. The abyssal dremora textures warp somewhat on most UNP body types, so they’re your example of how I have (I hope) improved the UV mapping.



Okay, so my last body mod related addition for a while. I threw together a small underwear mix for those of you who might be interested in taking some non-nude sexy shots of your characters, or perhaps just showcase the body without being NSFW or, I dunno, whatever other reason.

The little mix contains a bra, panties, and a towel for either full body, or just the waist.

Download | Screenshots


Just a really quick update to let you know that I’ve uploaded a new file for UNPCM. I’ve made the skin 90% seamless. It’s still a little rough around the wrists.

No version changes. If you liked the skin and care enough to want a seamless version, hop over to the UNPCM downloads page, or the post below and grab it from the same link, because I’m too lazy to write up a DL link again.

Updates and Additions

So I’ve got a number of bits and bobs to drop here as well. First, since it’s an update for one of my original creations, I’ll deal with the Gekkoukan Uniform update. This update is a pretty big change to the mod, because it replaces the older denim textures with a more practical felt texture (which I personally think looks a shitton better as well) and also, very importantly, fixes the nasty skirt weighting. The skirt is now clip free in 90% of poses and animations. Excessively stress tested. It’ll never be perfect, but it’s pretty close this time.

As a side note, the old denim textures are still in the file as an optional install.

You can download the updated mod from the link below, and check the screenshots to see how the new version looks.

Download | Screenshots

Next on the list I have a couple of conversions. These conversions are for both UNPC and UNPCM and have their own versions. Both from newermind43’s catalogue. Light Elven Armor and Elven Archer.

Click the screenshot links below to get an eyefull.

Light Elven Armor: UNPC | UNPCM | Screenshots

Elven Archer: UNPC | UNPCM | Screenshots


UNPC Modest


I know right? As if I didn’t have enough trouble keeping up with one body mod.

So I’ve had this one floating around my hard drive for absolutely months, and I recently decided to put it on a couple of my frequently used characters, and then I decided to release it, because why not?

For those of you worried about how this affects support of UNPC, it doesn’t. It simply means that from now on whenever I convert something, I’ll convert it for UNPC AND UNPCM.

So what’s different about UNPCM? Well, I think the picture does most of the telling. UNPCM keeps the hips for which UNPC was created, but has a completely new breast shape and range of size. UNPCM’s breasts range from very small to medium, where UNPC ranges from small to large. It’s just another option for those of you who like something a little perkier and smaller with your rockin’ hips.

The image above is a 40% body. Check the screenshots below for the full range.

UNPCM also comes with its own optional body textures, but is, like UNPC, 100% compatible with any UNP body texture. In fact, I recommend getting your own textures, because mine have excessive seams.

Download | Screenshots

On a second note, there’s also another very small update to UNPC.

Specifically, I fixed the butt. It used to just sort of merge into the thighs. This is no longer so. You can download the new version below, and don’t worry, it’s 100% compatible with UNPCv2.5 conversions and clothing. Nothing has changed but a very small area in the rear.