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Skyrim Academy v78

So, in other updates, however small they may be, I have a minor offering for Skyrim Academy. The actual additions in this update are practically non-existent, but there is one very important feature which I felt deserved a whole release.


Yes, that’s right, now you can bring your follower and they will ACTUALLY FOLLOW YOU AROUND THE LOCATION.

The other thing in the update is the addition of one more room to the Photographer’s studio, which is the wet room, pictured above.

As always, the download link stays the same, and this is it:





Well, it’s been quite some time since my last update, but fear not, I come bearing gifts.

I’ve been working on this little update for a long time on and off, and it’s finally finished, and ready for release. UNPCv2.5.

So what’s different about this version, and why do you want it? Well, not a lot, which is kind of relevant. The overall body shape hasn’t changed much aside from a little hip definition. Since I felt the overall shape was just fine, and I didn’t want to suddenly make all my old conversions incompatible. The big changes are the innards.

I’ve reweighted a good 50-60% of the body. The hands now bend on their joint, instead of warping everything around them. The elbows now bend without causing the infamous noodle arm. The armpits… well… honestly, I could never truly “fix” the armpits, but I consider what I’ve done to be an improvement. I’ve evened out a lot of the texture warping that occurs, so it stretches a lot more evenly than it used to. I’ve also altered the way most of the spine bones affect movement, and attached the breasts to the shoulder bones, because I don’t know if anyone’s noticed, but when a woman lifts her arm up, her breasts do actually move somewhat.

On top of the reweighting project, UNPC now also has its own texture set. It’s a customised version of HoneyVanity’s Milkdrinker skin which I put together some time ago. It doesn’t have a dozen versions, and it’s an all in one, so if you want to use just one part of it, you’ll need to do the blending work yourself.

With all of that said, enjoy your body upgrade, and like I said, don’t worry about older version compatibility, it should be (mostly, the exception would be wearing accessory parts without the rest of the outfit) compatible.