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I know it’s a little soon (only a day later, in fact) but v0.6 is here. You’re probably wondering why I decided to drop an update this quickly, and the simple reasons are 1: I added a shitton of new content in the past 24 hours, I just didn’t have to make many new meshes, so it was fast enough work. 2: This is the last possible stopping point before I move into the next phase of the mod. Due to the nature of my next planned update, which I don’t want to reveal just yet (in case I cop out and decide not to go forward with it), I won’t be able to make any more releases until a pretty bulky piece of work is done and dusted.

With that in mind, I decided to mash all the new stuff back into a nice little package and ship it out for download.

Some important things to note about this update.

  • A great deal of optimisation has been done in order to save space on your hard drive and improve performance in your game. The mod should be much more friendly to lower end PCs now, as well as anyone without much hard drive space to spare.
  • The coc location (cell name) has changed. This may cause some trouble for anyone saved inside the school building. I recommend making a save elsewhere before you update.
  • If you’re upgrading from previous versions, make absolutely sure to read the upgrading notes. The jump from version 0.5 to 0.6 needs you to clean out the old files, unless you want an extra 100mb worth of leftover files which aren’t needed any more.

DL link:

Thanks to HoneyVanity for providing the release image today, and I hope you all enjoy the update as much as I enjoyed making it.


EDIT: And one last thing. A lot of parts of the building link together now. You can effectively make a loop around the open grounds, so make sure to explore. I’d hate for anyone to miss anything.

EDIT 2: EVERYTHING in the mod was made by me. Any resemblance to Higeyoshi’s classroom studio is probably due to the fact that I played his before making mine.

EDIT 3: And another big herp derp in the readme. The music tracks come from the Persona 5 Fan Soundtrack.


So, I’ve been doing work with this for a few days now, as my previous posts implied.

Since I’ve never really done any serious original work before, this is a pretty interesting project for me. Originally it just started out as the school pool at night mod, which was basically just a spur of the moment “we need a pool” conversation that I had with a friend (HoneyVanity), but as I worked on it, I got into the swing of things, and rather than re-purposing existing content, I started making original content, using new textures and really working at it.


After that was done, another conversation, for the most part a joke, was that now we needed a nurse’s office, but after initially laughing it off, I started to like the idea.

That began as a little room with a few beds and a curtain, but turned into a large office, and me being the king of over the top that I am, I fabricated a large portion of a school building for the sake of “what you can see out of the window”, including a sprawling courtyard.


That was released as the Nurse’s Office mod.

Since I dropped that one, I’ve been looking a lot at what I want to move onto, but I just kept seeing more possibilities for what I could do with this school idea.

After some work shoring up the foundations and coming up with new ideas, Skyrim Academy has come into being.

I will say right now, I DO NOT have plans to make an entire school complex here. However, I do have plans to continue to expand on this mod, creating new parts to the school, and new peripheral locations, as time goes on.


With that in mind, I’m pretty happy to release the first combined version of this mod, which I have dubbed Skyrim Academy (yes, it was all I could do not to put Gakuen in the name).

At the moment, you can get to the school by either typing “coc schoolpool” or “coc nursesoffice” into your console (something I completely forgot to mention in the readme). Rather than spoil the fun for you, I’ll let you all discover just what there is to see at this early stage.

You can download the mod here:

Enjoy your visit.